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Monthly Archives: May 2013

  • Baby Development : Month 17

    Your baby’s development Your 17 month old toddler will love experimenting with his newly mastered skills. It will seem like he has just discovered the power of his vocal cords. So don’t be surprised if he starts yelling his head off and loves it. He will most likely start to open and close doors- any doors that he can find including fridge doors. You will also notice that your child enjoys the act of throwing Continue Reading

  • Baby Development : Month 16

    If he has mastered the art of waking a certain distance without falling or bumping into things, your toddler at 16 months might have bigger ambitions. He might try out a combination of activities; like for instance carrying a stack of blocks and walking. He might drag a stool, hoist himself up on it and try to climb on the table. This is a time when the whole world looks adventurous and exciting and in Continue Reading

  • Baby Development : Month 15

    By now your little toddler may well be into the ‘terrible two’s’ He would most likely be running around and boy does he run!! This is the perfect time to help him be more aware of the sights and sounds and textures around him. So you can make him feel his soft cheeks and compare it with the rough scratchy daddy’s stubble. Introduce him to various scents like the scent of flowers in the air, Continue Reading

  • Helping Your Child Deal With Peer Pressure

    “Come on let’s bunk class and have an ice cream instead.” “ Why do you wear such “behenji” clothes? In today’s world, children come with their set of opinions about what is “cool” and what is not. In a world where taking individual decisions itself is hard enough, your child is likely to face such challenging situations on a daily basis. Teaching him how to handle such situations will equip him with the necessary life Continue Reading

  • MOM is WOW! – ‘Yes She Can!’

    Being a ‘mommy’ is a designation in itself. As they say, motherhood is the toughest 24-hour-job with no pay, no days off, no required qualification or training. With a bundle of joy comes alive the world of a new mother. Rightly said, each child is a bundle of joy – mine being a happy, innocent and naughty one. Did anyone say every child is? For me, motherhood is learning on the job. And being a Continue Reading

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  • How to discipline your child

    Discipline is the process of teaching your child what is acceptable and what is not.  It is not a form of punishment.  Disciplining your child requires both commitment and effective communication.  You can teach your child how to be respectful and to follow rules. Through the use of rewards and consequences, you can show your child how to be respectful and follow rules. The word discipline is usually seen in a negative light as far Continue Reading

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