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About: Ekta Sharma Bhatnagar

Ekta Sharma Bhatnagar is a writer, dreamer and a neat-freak mom who is constantly trying to keep pace with her fast-growing, tech-addict bundle of joy, yes, a boy! On a sabbatical currently, she is happy being a good mom and sharing her stories on parenting. A Bollywood buff, Ekta has written extensively on Entertainment, Celebs, Fashion, Careers, Workplace Dynamics and Lifestyle for various Times Group publications including, Education Times, Mumbai Mirror, Wellness Times, regional lifestyle supplements and other online publications.

Recent Posts by Ekta Sharma Bhatnagar

  • MOM is WOW! – ‘Yes She Can!’

    Being a ‘mommy’ is a designation in itself. As they say, motherhood is the toughest 24-hour-job with no pay, no days off, no required qualification or training. With a bundle of joy comes alive the world of a new mother. Rightly said, each child is a bundle of joy – mine being a happy, innocent and naughty one. Did anyone say every child is? For me, motherhood is learning on the job. And being a Continue Reading

  • 6 Common Parenting Mistakes

    The common mistakes parents make can easily affect a child’s confidence and his self-worth. Read on to know the six common mistakes that one can avoid as a parent !! Parenting is one job you are required to do without proper training or qualification. ‘A full-time job’ as many fresh mothers like to describe it, parenting is an art. Nevertheless, there are some thumb rules that can make you a better parent. When a baby Continue Reading

  • Communicating with your baby – 10 tips to help you get started

    So you have already started interpreting what your baby’s sound of delight, desire and distress mean. How about helping her out to communicate with you and the world around? Even the youngest of babies are receptive and trying their best to learn the language. The more you understand their gestures, signs and expression, the more you can try to communicate with them by responding to these. It’s time before they can communicate in words their Continue Reading

  • Why Daddy’s Time with Kids is Important

    Read on to know how daddies can make sure their child is emotionally secure. Kids with involved daddies are more patient, can better handle stress and frustrations !! They say a mother nurtures a child, while a father gives him traits like independence, risk-taking ability and emotional security. True that. In India, a mother is usually expected to take care of a baby and her needs, while a daddy’s role is usually neglected. But it Continue Reading