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Baby Center – Everything you wanted to know about the growth and development of your baby

  • Baby Development : Month 23

    Signs of separation anxiety may resurface for your toddler around this time. More than fear from being away from you, it may be the fear that you may do some thing fun without him that may trigger this. So ensure that you tell him when you will be back and make the partings short and sweet. But do not leave without telling him. In some cases the separation anxiety shown by your child may have Continue Reading

  • Baby Development : Month 24

    Your child is two years old, not a baby any more. Unbelievable isn’t it? Babies seem to grow so fast at this stage. At 24 months your toddler is more or less ready to take on the world, at least that’s what he thinks. With a newly found sense of independence, fostered by his newly acquired motor and language skills, he will most likely show you that he has a mind of his own and Continue Reading

  • Baby Development : Month 22

    Your baby’s development You are about to witness the terrible two’s as they call it. Temper tantrums may most likely be one of the defining characteristics at this stage (consider your self lucky if you have been blessed with a calm child). Because your child’s actual skills cannot yet match up to his mind, he may know what he wants to do but may not be able to figure out how exactly to do it Continue Reading

  • Baby Development : Month 21

    Your baby’s development It can seem to you that your toddler never actually stops moving, but if you notice carefully, you can see that he spends as much time looking around and observing his environment too. This is the age when he is likely to experiment with a lot of weird stuff, like putting things in the strangest of places; like an eraser in a nostril or stuffing a small toy down his throat. Instead Continue Reading

  • Baby Development : Month 20

    Your baby’s development The most prominent feature that you may notice about your 20 month old toddler may be his phobias which seem to have developed over night. So one week it might be strange noises and another week it might be tigers or doctors. You must understand that his imagination is developing at this stage and he cannot distinguish between what can actually happen and what cannot. So while you know that a tiger Continue Reading

  • Baby Development : Month 19

    Your baby’s development At 19 months, it may seem to you like your toddler’s main mission in life is to run all day. With curiosity being on an all term high and with abundant energy to match your toddler will literally keep you on your toes. Make sure that you provide your child with ample opportunities for safe play both indoors and out doors. Some of the toddlers at this age may be mellow, content Continue Reading

  • Baby Development : Month 18

    Your baby’s development Your toddler is now midway between one and two and the most striking thing that you will probably notice is that, your child will begin to show impatience for just about anything. If for instance, he tells you that he wants a toy now, he literally means at that very instant. So be prepared for lots of “I want it right now’s”. Your toddler at 18 months will know his limits, but Continue Reading

  • Baby Development : Month 16

    If he has mastered the art of waking a certain distance without falling or bumping into things, your toddler at 16 months might have bigger ambitions. He might try out a combination of activities; like for instance carrying a stack of blocks and walking. He might drag a stool, hoist himself up on it and try to climb on the table. This is a time when the whole world looks adventurous and exciting and in Continue Reading

  • Baby Development : Month 17

    Your baby’s development Your 17 month old toddler will love experimenting with his newly mastered skills. It will seem like he has just discovered the power of his vocal cords. So don’t be surprised if he starts yelling his head off and loves it. He will most likely start to open and close doors- any doors that he can find including fridge doors. You will also notice that your child enjoys the act of throwing Continue Reading

  • Baby Development : Month 15

    By now your little toddler may well be into the ‘terrible two’s’ He would most likely be running around and boy does he run!! This is the perfect time to help him be more aware of the sights and sounds and textures around him. So you can make him feel his soft cheeks and compare it with the rough scratchy daddy’s stubble. Introduce him to various scents like the scent of flowers in the air, Continue Reading

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  • Baby Development : Month 14

    This is the time you can start ‘showing off’ your little one. He will love doing little tricks like waving daddy ‘bye bye’ or responding to verbal instructions like ‘show uncle your favorite toy’. In short, your baby loves being the centre of attention. Your baby’s development Your little one’s  vocabulary will most likely consist of 3 to 4 words. But you may notice that he understands more words than he can speak. If he Continue Reading

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  • Baby Development : Month 13

    Your little bundle of joy has completed one year and you just can’t seem to believe how fast he is growing up. Now that he can safely be called a toddler, you may begin to notice subtle changes in his behavior. Your baby’s development For your 13 month old, you are still the center of his universe and he expects your world to revolve around him too. He is most likely to start attempting to Continue Reading

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  • 6 Sex Tips for the New Parents

    In Indian families, the birth of a baby is a momentous occasion where everyone in the family join together to celebrate and welcome the new baby into their family. A newborn baby is definitely the apple of eye of everyone in the family and most parents put their baby above everything else, especially the mother. She gets so involved with her baby that she forgets the relationship that has existed between her and her husband Continue Reading

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  • Tackling Your Toddler’s Tantrums

    Toddler tantrums are a parent’s worst nightmare. It is embarrassing if your toddler decides to get adamant for a favorite toy right in the supermarket and throws the worst kind of tantrum when you refuse to comply. It is so embarrassing to be the center of all unwanted, judgmental attention that you are tempted to burn a hole in your pocket just to get out of the situation! Unfortunately, this only teaches your toddler that Continue Reading

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  • Dealing with a Late Talker

    Some babies learn to talk late. If you are part of an ambitious family, your late talker can be a subject of unwanted criticism which affects your confidence and that of your child. Your closed ones might unconsciously add to the pressure by comparing your child with a talking child of similar age belonging to a neighbor or a friend or relative. As a parent it is natural for you to panic when your child Continue Reading

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  • Care for Summer Babies

    Sweltering heat and above 40°C hot days of summer can have you looking for respite in any form and to top it off if you have a newborn, then brace yourself for what can be a challenging few months! Surviving an Indian summer with a new baby can be tough on the both of you but know that every season comes with its own challenges. Summer worries with your baby The biggest concern in summer Continue Reading

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  • 8 Bedtime Routines for your Child

    As the day winds down to an end, you are possibly as exhausted as your baby is. Exhaustion makes you snappy and your baby cranky. It is when most parents try to impatiently force their babies to sleep so that they get a couple of hours of quiet for themselves. Following this routine regularly not only ensures that your baby sleeps more peacefully but also makes you feel a proud parent. 1. Release the Energy Continue Reading

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  • Bathing your Newborn Baby

    If you are a new mother, nothing is as scary as the prospect of bathing your baby once you bring her home. First of all, she’s tiny and you worry that she will slip right through your fingers and what about that umbilical cord? You don’t want to get within a mile of it in case you hurt her! Until your baby’s umbilical cord stump falls off, sponge baths are sufficient to get her clean. Continue Reading

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  • Playtime – Fun Activities for your Baby

    Once your little one is three months old, he or she is more alert. Your baby is going to learn things by looking around him and imitating the actions of those around him. It is very essential at this point to keep the atmosphere around the baby happy and filled with fun. Playing with babies does not have to be a strenuous activity. Babies love everything that you do. Your task is essentially to make Continue Reading

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  • Communicating with your baby – 10 tips to help you get started

    So you have already started interpreting what your baby’s sound of delight, desire and distress mean. How about helping her out to communicate with you and the world around? Even the youngest of babies are receptive and trying their best to learn the language. The more you understand their gestures, signs and expression, the more you can try to communicate with them by responding to these. It’s time before they can communicate in words their Continue Reading

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