As the day winds down to an end, you are possibly as exhausted as your baby is. Exhaustion makes you snappy and your baby cranky. It is when most parents try to impatiently force their babies to sleep so that they get a couple of hours of quiet for themselves.

Following this routine regularly not only ensures that your baby sleeps more peacefully but also makes you feel a proud parent.

1. Release the Energy

There is probably a lot of pent up energy in your child which makes him or her restless. If you are part of a joint family, allow your child to dance around and play with the other children in  the house. If not, jump around and do some fun activities with your child which will release all the pent up energy.

2. Wrap up the Necessities

Take care of your baby’s needs like changing diapers before putting your child to bed . If your child is grown up enough, make sure that he has visited the washroom, brushed his teeth and any other nightly routine you may want to inculcate in your child.

3. A Lukewarm Bath

Soak your child in a lukewarm bath before you put him or her to sleep. The warm water relaxes your child’s muscles and helps him sleep better. Pamper your baby with some relaxing aromatic baby oils in the bath. Not only will your baby sleep peacefully, but also will it give you a little extra time for yourself as you’ll find him spending longer hours in the bed.

4. Conversation

Talk to your child as you dress him up for the night. Make sure your topics are neutral and your tone relaxing. You can plan your next day or simply tell him what a good boy he has been. This is also a great time to teach your child to pray before going to bed.

5. The Goodnight routine

The goodnight routine should be a pleasurable experience for you and your baby. Dim the lights in your child’s room and walk with him around the room saying goodnight to objects your child loves. It could be a favorite teddy bear, the bouncer he or she loves. Or if you have enough people in the house go around saying goodnight to everyone. Point out to the sky and say goodnight to the stars and the moon. End up with saying goodnight to objects in bed. It could be a cuddle toy or even as simple as the pillow and the blanket.

6. Read a Bedtime Story

kids_bedtimeBedtime stories are a great way to fan your child’s imagination and also a fun way to introduce him or her to new things. Keep a favorite story book your child loves as a bed time book. Make sure that when you cuddle up with your child with his favorite book, he knows that once the story is over he has to sleep.

7. Turn on the Music

Contrary to what you think a child feels comforted with some noise around. Turn on his or her favorite music which is soothing and calm. Play it on a soft volume. It is alright to let the music play through the night on a loop. Even if your baby wakes up in the middle of the night the music will comfort him back to sleep.

8. Hum or Sing to your Child

Even with the music on, hum to your child. You could even sing along with the music in soft tones. Your voice is the most comforting sound to your child. The soothing tones of your voice can lull your child to sleep.