You may be concerned about your baby’s development if she has not begun to crawl or pull up to standing by now. Many babies are less interested in gross motor activities and more keen on observing and absorbing any information around them.

Your baby’s development

If your baby is lagging behind by a few gross motor milestones, in all likelihood she will catch up or even decide to shuffle around on her bottom without getting her knees on the ground. In fact, babies that shuffle around their bottoms are often faster than traditional crawlers. For this reason, it is important to be supportive of your baby’s individual development and interests without pushing her into something that she’s not ready for. If you are still not convinced, then bring it to the attention of your pediatrician for a quick assessment of her development. This will give you peace of mind and instead allow you to enjoy the time that you do not have to chase after the baby!

It may be a few months before you hear baby’s first word, but continue to communicate at every opportunity even if it means helping her to signal her needs. Placing her hand on her belly can indicate that she is full while reaching her arm to the floor could mean that she wants to get out of the walker and onto the floor. The first signal that most babies pick up is waving bye-bye as you leave. This will also indicate to her that it means you are coming back.

baby play month 10Your 10 month old may even display problem solving skills such as getting to toys that are not necessarily at arm’s length. If a toy is lying on a blanket that is close to her, she may figure out that yanking on the blanket will bring her toy closer and closer to her until she can get to it. What a smart cookie!

Your life as Parents

If you are worried about your baby not having reached a milestone while your neighbour’s baby is zipping up and down her home, you are certainly not the first and you won’t be the last either! Just keep in mind that every baby is unique and that your baby will more than likely follow a developmental path that is different from even her own sibling’s. While milestones are helpful guides for parents, they certainly are not set in stone as there is an awful lot of overlap when it comes to the time that a baby should have mastered a skill.

Instead, concentrate on her interests which may be indicative of your baby’s advanced intelligence. If she would rather observe the goings-on around her than wonder about what is in the telephone cabinet, then talking to her about what you are doing may be much more up her alley. Most of all, trust your instincts as they are often much more reliable than what any baby developmental chart can tell you.