Just about every mom heaves a sigh of relief when her baby takes those first steps. If your baby has begun walking already, then get ready for an aerobic workout during her waking hours. If your baby has not begun to walk, enjoy the rest as this will soon change anywhere from this month to the next eight months or so.

Your baby’s development

It is normal for your baby to begin walking anywhere from nine months to 17 months. You may be tempted to purchase the most expensive shoes on the market; instead invest in soft soled shoes that are flexible, offering your child the greatest grip and support when walking. In fact, keep your baby barefoot for as long as you can so that her foot and leg muscles are strengthened sufficiently before she must get used to walking in shoes.

baby development month11Your baby may be ready for sorting different objects based on color alone. Even if it means just handing her a bunch of handkerchiefs in white and other colours and showing her how to sort the white ones from those that are colored, is a great exercise for an 11-month-old. If you think she is ready for stacking objects, round-edged cubes are a perfect starting point.

Many babies enjoy being read to, so get her in this habit even at this stage. Even if her interest in a book lasts for only a minute or two, research has shown that exposing the baby to the cadence of words results in a sustained interest in reading later on, however short her attention span may seem now. This short attention span is also the reason for parents to be attentive to the baby during outings. Babies tend to be easily distracted by interesting sights and sounds and may walk away, assuming that the parents are in tow. So keep a watchful eye as it takes only a moment for your baby to go chasing after a butterfly.

Your life as Parents

With your annual checkup right around the corner, you may be considering giving your child a chickenpox vaccine when she turns one. The question that most parents face is whether it is more advisable for the baby to get chickenpox and therefore build up a natural immunity to it or to prevent the disease altogether through immunization. This is not an easy decision as even your pediatrician will leave it up to you. So talk to other errands that have been through this before to discuss what factors led up to the decision and then decide for yourself.

If you thought separation anxiety was bad during month 6 when she first developed it, get ready for it to get even worse as she realizes that she would rather be with mom and dad than anyone else. For some babies, this hierarchical separation anxiety may even exclude dad from this equation insisting that mom feed them at every meal or change a diaper. You may even realize that she is getting more and more attached to you, especially needing you to calm her when she’s upset. While this may be flattering for mom, it leaves her with even less time for herself; making it all the more important for everyone else to pitch in.