This is the time you can start ‘showing off’ your little one. He will love doing little tricks like waving daddy ‘bye bye’ or responding to verbal instructions like ‘show uncle your favorite toy’. In short, your baby loves being the centre of attention.

Your baby’s development

Your little one’s  vocabulary will most likely consist of 3 to 4 words. But you may notice that he understands more words than he can speak. If he learns a new word say tree, he will look out and point to tree anywhere he finds it; in a book or on the way to the park. He may discover the word “no” and use it to express his independence. So if he doesn’t like his dinner he may most likely say ‘no’ before pushing it away.

You may notice your that your 14 month old loves to make messes, spilling and dropping things, or pulling things out, just from any where; like the cupboard or the dining table. Although frustrating at times, remember that this all part of growing up and normal for this stage. Your toddler will make up for his lack of ample vocabulary by physically letting you know what he wants. So if he wants to go out and play, he might bring you his shoes to make you understand what he wants to convey.You may also notice that your 14 month old is not very keen on social interactions and not very happy to share his toys. Don’t fret, at this stage he is more than happy to be by himself. He may treat his playmates as toys.