Your baby’s development

It can seem to you that your toddler never actually stops moving, but if you notice carefully, you can see that he spends as much time looking around and observing his environment too. This is the age when he is likely to experiment with a lot of weird stuff, like putting things in the strangest of places; like an eraser in a nostril or stuffing a small toy down his throat. Instead of going paranoid, sit down with him and explain what will happen if an object gets stuck in his throat or ear. This will put him off, more that threats of taking the toy away.

This is also a good time to introduce him to the concept of time, so you could say “First we will go to the supermarket, then the park and come home in time for dinner”. You will find that your toddler will find comfort in his daily routines, so ensure that as far as possible, it is not interrupted. Teach him by example, how to handle a difficult situation; so if he falls down and hurts himself, instead of swooping down on him with the’ I told you so’ lecture sessions, hold him and comfort him. This way you are also passing on the skills to deal with situations calmly by being calm yourself.

Physically your child may be able to wash his hands, put on clothes and brush his teeth with a little help form you. He may show a keen interest in house work and would want to assist you in every thing, ranging from cooking to making beds. Your child may be ready to begin potty training. Don’t force him if he refuses, give him time. You may also notice that your child may want to do things his way all the time, allow him to have his way some time, like let him choose which dress to wear or what fruit to eat but make it clear that that certain things like safety will not be compromised.

Your life as parents

Your life as parents at this stage will involve dealing with a lot of stubbornness and tantrums. Ensure that routines are followed like clock work. Ensure that he follows regular time for meals, play bed time etc. If your toddler knows what to expect at a certain time, there will be less resistance from him. Sharing is probably still an alien concept for your child. Slowly teach her the concept of sharing. Shower him with lavish praises if he shares his toy and set an example by sharing things yourself. This is also a good time to start weaning you toddler off the bottle  and also ensure that you brush his teeth twice a day.