Your baby’s development

You are about to witness the terrible two’s as they call it. Temper tantrums may most likely be one of the defining characteristics at this stage (consider your self lucky if you have been blessed with a calm child). Because your child’s actual skills cannot yet match up to his mind, he may know what he wants to do but may not be able to figure out how exactly to do it and the resultant frustration often gets translated into anger. This is where you as a parent have to test the limits of your patience. Although easier said than done, try not to scream or smack and throw a tantrum yourself. There is no clearer way for your child to think that throwing a tantrum is perfectly normal. Mummy does it right?

This is also the age where he may exhibit a resistance to change in any form. So he may want the same thing for dinner every night or might want to wear the same pajamas to bed every night. It is just his way of having some sort of control in his rapidly changing world. You can once in a way, entice him to try some thing new but don’t force it. Give him the luxury of resisting change where it does not matter, like an old pair of pajamas, but ensure that you give him plenty of warning and time to get used to the idea in cases where you have little or no control, like a new baby sitter. You might also notice that your child at this stage loves to imitate you and the tone of your voice. Remember that listening is as important as talking; so give him opportunities to listen to age appropriate content and learn from it.

Your life as parents

baby_month_22Remember that your little one will soon be two years old and he will now begin to have a mind of his own. Your child may now understand the concept of a specific goal like hitting the ball with a bat or cycling down a specific path. He may also get frustrated if he is not able to accomplish what he wanted.

At such times, it is up to you to comfort him and help him deal with his frustration in a positive manner; otherwise it may turn into violent behavior. If you want your child to sleep by himself in his room, now is the time to begin training for it. It will be a difficult process, but with patience and constant reassurance from you, it can be done. Never force a child who is just not ready, give him time and try again.

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