Signs of separation anxiety may resurface for your toddler around this time. More than fear from being away from you, it may be the fear that you may do some thing fun without him that may trigger this. So ensure that you tell him when you will be back and make the partings short and sweet. But do not leave without telling him. In some cases the separation anxiety shown by your child may have more deep rooted reasons like insecurities due to the arrival os a new sibling or a baby sitter. So make sure that you sit with him talk to him and understand what he is actually afraid of.

Another wise thing to do would be to start teaching him about appropriate behavior in public places. Although you may not notice an over night miracle, patient and consistent training will begin to show results. Continue efforts on potty training. You may notice that your toddler is frustrated at certain point in the day more than other times. Finding out these times will help you calm him down better. For instance, if you find that he is at his crankiest best when you return from work, instead of straight away diving into house work spend around 10 minutes with him, giving him your complete attention. This will leave him in a much better mood for the rest of the evening.

It would be a better idea to work around the problem rather than confrontation. So if you see tooth brushing sessions as potential battle fields, rather than threatening him to brush with exaggerated horror stories of germ attacks, it would be better to entice him to brush. Let him choose his favorite cartoon character brush and flavored kiddies tooth paste. Knowing that he has some level of control over the whole issue will make him less resentful.

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You may notice that your toddler loves dressing up by himself at this stage, so buy him some clothes that are easy to handle for his little fingers. Give him ample opportunities to polish his skill with his fingers, like sand play modeling clay etc. Your toddler’s vocabulary is improving rapidly at this stage, so help him by including books from other categories along with the usual familiar ones. Give him ample time for unstructured play Continue to emphasize on the importance of good manners and sharing.

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