Your child is two years old, not a baby any more. Unbelievable isn’t it?

Babies seem to grow so fast at this stage. At 24 months your toddler is more or less ready to take on the world, at least that’s what he thinks. With a newly found sense of independence, fostered by his newly acquired motor and language skills, he will most likely show you that he has a mind of his own and that he means business. At 24 months your toddler will most probably be able to walk around pretty much every where without assistance.

He will also be able to feed himself (no guarantee that the food will end up in his mouth though)

His vocabulary would have likely increased and you will be able to understand what he is trying to tell you, at least most of the time. This is around the time then the famed “why is that?” series is likely to begin. So brace yourself to answer questions around every two minutes. While this may drive you mad, remember that this is the way children learn about the world around them, they still see things through your eyes and are at a stage where they believe that mummy and daddy know ‘everything’. So try to be patient as far as possible, and never give him false information. If you don’t know some thing you can say something like “oh, looks like mummy doesn’t know what that is, lets find out what it is together”. This way he will know that not every one knows everything and that’s ok too.

Your child will now begin to understand the concept of grouping things, like dogs,cats and goats are animals. Cereal, milk and fruit are food.

His concept of time is also taking shape .So he knows that tomorrow is when he can go to the park; today he will go shopping with you. Although he is developing at an amazing rate, you can still see the traces of the baby that he was, a few months ago. He may suddenly refuse to sit on the potty or become clingy demanding to be carried everywhere, or some of his ‘old’ fears might resurface. These are all normal and may disappear after a few days.

Sleep may be become an issue at this stage, and even your child who has been sleeping peacefully over the months may become cranky at night, the reasons could be varied. Teething or even fear.Find out what is upsetting him and this will make him calmer.

Your life as parents

You have officially entered the “Terrible twos” While this is a hugely exaggerated concept, toddlers at this age can be stubborn and throw tantrums if things don’t go their way. You have to keep in mind that even this shall pass, and help him deal with his emotions. So if you sense him developing a foul mood, distract him play a new game , cuddle up and read a favorite book or even enlist him as your little helper and get him to do small chores around the house. Removing him from that stressful situation is half the battle won. This is also a good time to develop good routines and healthy eating habits.

Ensure that he understands, that you expect good manners from him and stress on saying ‘please’ ‘ thank you’ ‘sorry’ etc. Make it point to see that he gets to interact with kids his age. You can also teach him that people are different and that he has to accept them for who they are and respect them.

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