Although your baby has probably been able to recognize you since she was just a few days old, now she can actually show it. Most babies begin to show unmistakable signs of recognition when they see their parents.

Your baby’s development

Research has shown that babies whose parents spent time speaking to them extensively, had the largest vocabularies and highest IQs as they got older. So this stage should be all about interaction with your baby, even if it is just telling her about your day at work! If you take the baby for walks point to different things and talk about them. This will establish a foundation for language as you expose her to more and more words.

If your home is bilingual as many Indian homes are, you may be surprised to learn that your child will benefit from exposure to both languages. In fact, exposing the baby to both languages will enable her to grasp the differences and even keep them discrete.

With your baby’s grabbing skills at their peak, you may find her switching things from one hand to the other. In fact you may even get a quick peek into whether she is a lefty or righty, although at this age, this distinction is still developing. Your baby may be able to confidently turn over on one side or vice versa and even smile when you applaud her achievement.

The baby needs every encouragement at this time as she learns to hone new skills. Your baby may begin to show signs of discomfort around strangers, which is an important part of normal development.


At week 10, your baby will receive booster vaccinations for DPT and OPV. Optional vaccinations are for hepatitis B, Pneumococcal, HIB, and IPV.

Your life as Parents

dad baby month3Remember that a baby’s milestones are generated as a function of the baby’s due date. So if your baby is premature, then these dates go out the window and you might have to go by resetting your clock to a few weeks behind as your baby catches up. It is common to worry about every little aspect of your baby’s development. For this reason, it is important to keep every doctor’s visit and ask any questions that concern you.

With your baby being able to recognize you from everybody else, it has probably never felt better to be a mom. But resist the urge to carry her every time she wants you to. It is important to get the baby used to other family members in the home as a way of giving yourself a break; there will be times when you need it.

With mom having been through the ringer in the last few months, dad must take the time to let her know that she is a great mom – a real natural at this whole mummy thing! If the baby sleeps in your room, then dad may not be getting as much sleep either, so work together in coming up with a tolerable night time routine. Ensuring that the baby has larger meals at every feeding will increase the time between feedings, even if this means keeping the baby up to feed for longer when she is nodding off. This will pay off in a few weeks as she learns to sleep through the night, giving both of you much-deserved rest.