Even as early as this stage, some babies will attempt to communicate with you by imitating the sounds you make. At this time, it is important to react with praise so that she realizes that what she says makes a difference.

Your baby’s development

Your baby might react to your taking away a toy by screaming her head off as she begins to understand what is going on around her. Showing her disapproval of your actions by crying is the only way that she knows and is a good sign that she is developing well.

Baby massage has always been practiced in India and other eastern cultures. This trend is now spreading across the world as specially trained baby masseuses are becoming popular. A thail maalish for the baby is an excellent way to increase her muscle tone and get blood circulation going. In fact, this even helps with colic and teething problems. If you are planning on massaging your baby on your own, you may find that it will become a favorite ritual that your baby will begin to look forward to. Always make sure that you pick up on the cues your baby might give you when she has had enough.

If you are considering starting your baby on solids this month, check with your doctor before you make a move although the elders around you may insist on knowing better. One easy way to find out if your baby is ready in addition to asking your doctor is to look for signs that your baby is interested in the food you are eating. If she is reaching out for your plate wanting to grab your paapad, she is more than likely ready to begin rice cereal soon. However before you begin feeding her solids, it is important that the baby is able to sit up well with support.


Week 14 is marked by booster vaccinations for OPV and DPT. Optional vaccinations for hepatitis B, pneumococcal, HIB and IPV are available.

Your life as Parents

mom baby month4If you haven’t begun to read to your baby yet, there is no time like the present to start. It’s never too early to read to your baby and she may even help out by turning the pages for you as she gets a little older. However, you might find that she is more interested in tasting the book! It won’t be long before she picks up a book and hands it to you asking for you to read it to her.

If you’re lucky and your baby has given up midnight feedings, the newfound sleep can do wonders for your energy the next day. If you have gone back to work or are considering it, this is a good time to begin the search for a good nanny or daycare. The key to finding the right caregiver for your baby is being able to trust your instincts along with checking on references for the caregiver whenever possible.

If your doctor has given mom the go-ahead, consider getting into a low-impact exercise program. This is not just about getting your hourglass figure in shape but more about staying fit and having the energy when it comes time to chasing after your toddler. This inclusion to your day will in no way impact your lactation or even the composition of your breast milk. Dads must be encouraging of moms returning to some form of exercise even this soon after the birth of the baby.