With your baby’s new discovered help of her tongue and of all the noises she can make by manipulating it, don’t be surprised to see her spend most of her day delighting in bubble-blowing through her lips. Of course, this stops being as cute when she does it with a mouthful of food!

Your baby’s development

Most parents wonder about starting solid foods between months 4 and 6. Although there are no strict guidelines as to when solid foods should be introduced into your baby’s diet, pediatricians agree that until month 9, mother’s milk and baby formula contain all the nutrients sufficient for her growth and development. But it is around month 5 that many babies become curious about what’s on mom’s plate and can’t help but dig in.Some parents use that as a cue to begin solid foods.

However, before you embark on this new journey, make sure that your baby can hold her head up well at all times. If she is thrusting the food out with her tongue, then that is a sure sign that she is not ready for solid food. The motor control required for drawing in food from a spoon is also necessary for solid foods. If you think that your child is not quite ready; then waiting until six months is a common practice among many parents. Most of all realize that all children are different and show readiness for solid foods at different times.

If you have decided to begin solid foods, barley or rice cereal mixed in with formula is a great place to start. Just keep in mind that the consistency is easy for your baby to accept. Some parents prefer to begin with mashed bananas, potatoes, or even apples that have been overcooked until soft and easy to digest. Don’t be surprised if she doesn’t take it in right away and is more intent on exploring it by pushing it all around her mouth until she satisfied that it’s worth swallowing! Just make sure to find the biggest bib you can get your hands on. This is also an ideal time to introduce a sippy cup. Bon appétit!

If your baby can fully sit up by now, she is likely taking in all the sights and sounds from her new vantage point. She may even attempt to grab a toy in the sitting position and lose her balance. Within weeks, her motor control will have dramatically improved, so watch out for anything that is at arm’s length from your baby.

Your life as Parents

dad baby month5With baby developing by leaps and bounds, it becomes increasingly important to interact with her at every opportunity. Her sense of humour is developing and no better proof of that, than her laughing every time you sneeze. Laughing back at her when she does something silly is a great way to establish two-way communication and the concept of action and reaction.

These new changes in the baby will also give you less and less time to spend on each other as she takes over your life completely. At this time, it becomes particularly important to let each other know that you couldn’t take this journey on with anyone else and that you would rather be here than anywhere else.