Wow, she’s halfway to one! With the baby being able to roll over, sit up, and even reach her hands out to be picked up, before you know it is, she’ll be asking for the keys to your car with her driver’s license in hand!

Your baby’s development

Your baby’s eyesight is sharp now, so don’t be surprised if she can spot a biscuit crumb from across the room. She may even try using her thumb and second finger in what is called a pincer grasp to pick up objects. This skill will not be perfected for a few months, but this does raise the issue of safety.

It is important to baby proof your house, which means not leaving any small objects that can pose a choking hazard for your baby. If you have cabinets that are at baby’s eye level, then take every precaution to use specialized baby-proof locks wherever applicable.She will also begin passing things from one hand to the other. If your baby is more intent on honing her gross motor skills, then she may be more interested in getting up on her knees. Either way, every baby expresses her preferences differently although it gets increasingly difficult not to compare what babies are doing if they are the same age.

Babies begin babbling around this month. If your baby is saying “dada” or “mama”, then it’s a great sign that she is trying to pronounce the words she is hearing around her and not necessarily referring to you or Dad. It is unlikely that she makes the connection between words and what they mean now, but will soon begin making the connection.


This month optional vaccines for Rotavirus, Influenza and HPV (only for girls) are offered.

Your life as Parents

mother baby month6If you have put dining out on hold, then you may be glad to know that your social life can resume, in some ways at least. Your baby will enjoy the new sights, sounds and smells that eating out will offer. Avoid noisy situations as they may be overwhelming or over stimulating to the baby. You may have to prepare for a meltdown in that case. So choose carefully!

If you have begun feeding baby solid foods then prepare yourself for baby wanting to try everything on your plate. Just be considerate to the wait staff and leave a big tip! If you have a family history of food allergies, then pay extra attention to how the baby reacts to different foods.

If you thought you were busy during the first five months, the rest of the year will have you wishing for the “old days”. The baby is more active than ever now. If she is beginning to crawl, then you certainly have your work cut out for you. At this time, it becomes especially important to reconnect with people by going out as a family and exposing the baby to the outside world. Passing cars and auto rickshaws make great distractions for baby.

Daily walks can become an exercise in language as you point to and name the different things that you pass. If you keep this to late enough in the evening, it could become a family ritual that she will begin to look forward to.