Although your baby may be sitting unsupported for a big part of the day, consider placing pillows around her in case she topples. With crawling right around the corner, you never know what is coming next!

Your baby’s development

If you have not baby-proofed your home already, there is no time like the present to do it. Just about anything at her eye level becomes fair game for her to try to reach. She will continue to lunge and even get up on all fours momentarily to get close to what she has spotted. The baby will then realize that she can rock back and forth on her fours which will mark the beginnings of her next big achievement – crawling. It may come as a surprise that crawling itself is not considered a milestone but reaching for a far-off object is.

Some babies skip the crawling stage altogether and instead creep on their bellies. And yet others will start pulling up to stand by grabbing sturdy objects for support. And then there are those that are perfectly content to just sit and take in the sights. The truth is that all of these are normal, so enjoy this stage of the baby, whatever it is that she chooses to do.

If you have graduated your baby’s bath time from your kitchen sink to the bathroom already, then consider that a big milestone for mom. If you have a bathtub, then use it. Just make sure that you have a nonslip mat on the floor of the tub to prevent slips and falls. It should go without saying that a baby should not be left unattended for even a moment in the bathtub by herself. All it takes is a few minutes and a few inches of water for a baby to drown. Enough cannot be said about this precaution.

Your life as Parents

dad baby month7If you have had a long day yourself, consider jumping in the bathtub or shower with your baby. There is no greater opportunity to connect with her than while splashing in water. Just make sure that you have your supplies ready such as towels, shampoo and baby soap before you join her. In the summer months, dad may want to join in for a quick bath as well after work.

Stranger anxiety can rear its head during the six month. For the first time, your baby will display definite signs that she is not comfortable around faces that she does not recognize. This is a normal phase in the development of your baby but can vary greatly from child to child. You can use this opportunity to introduce her to different family members by saying, “This is Kumar Uncle and he wants to say hi to you”. If your baby realizes that you have accepted the stranger, she is more likely to do so as well.

Once she is used to the stranger’s presence, before you know it she will look forward to his every visit. It is especially important to work on alleviating stranger anxiety so that mom and dad can take an occasional break for dinner alone at a restaurant while the baby is in the care of a trusted family member.