This month is mostly about wanting an object and reaching for it. Try and resist the urge to bring the object to your baby as it is this curiosity about the object that propels your child to move. In fact, encourage your baby to get to the object herself.

Your baby’s development

In order to support your baby’s developing skills, encouraging words often go a long way in overcoming frustrating situations such as getting to a distant object. Also make sure that you name the object so that she associates it with the object the next time it is mentioned. She may even watch your mouth as you pronounce the word. Let her get to it herself and praise her every effort as she gets closer to her goal letting her know that her accomplishments are appreciated. Not only will her problem-solving skills develop but along with it will come the beginnings of self-esteem.

This month may also bring your baby trying to stand up as though crawling weren’t exciting enough. The important skill of bending at the knee and shifting her weight forward to stand up may seem frustrating initially, but before you know it she will get the hang of it and have you baby-proofing just about any surface in your house. It may be a few weeks before she can sit from a standing position as easily as she gets herself up.

Some babies may not be interested in standing up or even crawling for a few more weeks. If you are concerned that your baby is not developing in either gross motor or fine motor skills, then bring it to the attention of your pediatrician. But in all likelihood, your baby will get to at least a few milestones before you make it to your appointment!

Hopefully your baby is sleeping through the night by now but if she’s not, consider letting her cry it out until she falls asleep on her own. This may seem harsh at first, but will save you from hours of rocking, walking, and singing the baby to sleep. This will become particularly challenging after a long day at work and it’s just mom and dad with the baby.

Your life as Parents

dad baby month8If you have been spared the angst of your child running a fever until now, then consider yourself lucky. A baby’s first fever is alarming to most parents, especially if the child is inconsolable. New parents also worry about febrile seizures which can result from a fever going too high.

As many as 5% of children will undergo febrile seizures and there is not a whole lot one can do to prevent it. The truth is that these are never medically dangerous, and no, your baby will not suffer brain damage from it! So when your baby runs a fever, treating her with a pediatric dose of acetaminophen at regular intervals is sufficient. If the fever lasts longer than 2 to 3 days, then bring it to the attention of your doctor.

Indian customs do not allow a baby to look at her image in the mirror until she is a year old, so she probably has no idea what she looks like. But point to photographs of her favorite people and tell her who they are and before you know it she will be repeating back their names to you.