With every passing month, babies get more and more adventurous and are therefore more and more likely to get in trouble. Install a baby gate or barricade whenever possible especially at the top and bottom of the stairs as the baby is sure to be curious about how she can scale those soaring heights!

Your baby’s development

You may notice that your baby is developing strong likes and dislikes when it comes to food. She knows what she likes and doesn’t like, so be prepared for mashed banana pieces to make it clear across the room if she is not into bananas this week! There will be times when you will be surprised by your baby’s insatiable appetite and then there will be those times when you cannot get in one mouthful without a whole lot of fuss. It is important to allow your baby to explore foods but she may insist that she feed herself.One option would be for you to give her a spoon while you continue to feed her.

baby food month 9Babies are also intrigued by the various textures that food can offer. So make an attempt to go from mashed foods to those that are mealier such as double cooked daal, rice or even a soft chapati. It is important to introduce your baby to different textures so that she does not develop any sensory texture preferences later on. She should still continue to receive a predominant share of the nutrition from breast milk or baby formula, but her ever increasing repertoire in foods is best served by exposing her to different textures whenever possible.

Your baby may be cruising around the house by now, but take note of how aware she is of your location. Most babies will want to make sure that mom or dad is close by even if she is intent on exploring the world around her. This is a great milestone in itself as it is the first sign of independence with the trust that you are around. That being said, you may consider putting your child in a baby walker so that she can walk unsupported and even have a variety of toys around her at all times. However, the jury is still out about the safety of infant walkers. The key is that even children in walkers need to be supervised; so resist the urge to use it as a babysitter as you see to a chore in your house.


A mandatory measles vaccine is administered this month. It is a highly contagious disease, so for no reason can this vaccine be put off unless directed by your pediatrician.

Your life as Parents

With your baby having made tremendous strides in her cognitive skills by this time, it is important that you play peek-a-boo games with her by putting a blanket over her head, only to pull it back to reveal your smiling face. This game is universally loved by babies and is a great starting point to teach your baby imitation skills. Other games include hiding a favorite toy under a blanket and watching the baby retrieve it to a raucous applause.

If you have managed your way back to work, it cannot be easy leaving your baby in the care of a relative or professional caregiver even if only for a few hours in the day. It is important to assure her that you will always be back for her. Remember that this separation is probably harder on you than it is on her as most babies are easily distracted by toys and other interesting objects around them.