At this joyous time, with the baby reacting to your every little expression, your baby might also get over- stimulated and end up crying for no apparent reason. At these times, giving the baby some alone time on his tummy will help calm her down.

Your baby’s development

If you are planning on going back to work in a few weeks from now, it is important to get the baby used to a bottle if she is not already. Some babies do not take to the switch well and may require weeks of trying before she will successfully accept a bottle in lieu of your breast.

baby holding fingers week6This week will also mark her wanting to grab at everything in sight. Whether it is your finger or a rattle, her hand eye coordination will continue to improve with every passing day. This is a good time to include many activities that will stimulate her sensory perception. Activity mats that have child safe baubles on them that she can grab onto will increase her muscle tone along with helping her arms work in conjunction with her needs.

Time on her belly is not just important for increasing muscle tone but is also an important strategy for preventing SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome. With her increasing ability to move, it is important that her crib not be loaded with stuffed animals that could pose a serious asphyxiation hazard. Keep the crib free from any soft materials aside from a blanket to cover the baby.


The pediatrician may insist that your baby have a DPT and OPV booster shot at this time. HIB, pneumococcal, and hepatitis B vaccines are optional.

You as a Mom

It may still be too early for your baby to be sleeping through the night, so try and take a nap when she does instead of catching up on your e-mail or favorite TV show. If the baby continues to need feeding through the night, then resting as much as possible during the day is never a bad idea.

Also, if you are considering going back to work, you may consider investing in a breast pump so that the baby can have breast milk throughout the day while you spare yourself the discomfort of leaking milk from your breasts! Many lactating women experience let-down which is a somewhat painful twinge in your breasts signaling that your milk flow has commenced. Sometimes, even hearing a baby cry, not necessarily yours, can trigger let-down in some women.

Dad’ s role

dad baby week6If your baby has colic, mom may be overwhelmed by the bouts of crying for hours during the day. The sleep interruptions at night do not help either. The dad must take on most of the care of the baby when he’s home to allow the mom a break except for feedings. This may seem like a tall order after a long day at work, but watching a baby all day can take a tremendous toll on anyone.

If the baby can be entrusted to a loving family member, whisking mom away to a quiet dinner at her favorite restaurant can do wonders for your marriage. Even the most doting parents need a few moments away for some R and R.