The sound of baby-talk is delightful for anyone; to a mother, it can be music to her ears. Communication with your baby even if it’s just eye-contact and some gibberish is essential for bonding and her development.

Your baby’s development

Your baby will demand more and more attention as the weeks go by. She may not appreciate being left alone for even a minute after she wakes; but giving in to her every cry will only set you up for trying times for the next few years. Babies must learn to self-soothe, which can come in handy as you go about your chores in the day. It may be tempting to pick her up every time her nap-time comes around to put her to sleep. However, you will be stuck with this routine until she is much older and before you know it you will be rocking your two-year-old to sleep!

Indian grandmothers have a hard time watching their grandchildren cry and may decide to intervene, but tell them that you will have to deal with the fallout from this for the next few years and that you’re going to do it your way. Just make sure you say it nicely!

Some babies might be able to turn over on one side by the end of this week. If your baby has not reached this milestone, she probably will in the next few weeks. This development will also be accompanied by plenty of baby talk so make sure that you engage her by asking her questions; she will soon begin to associate these questions with how she is feeling and realize that you are referring to what is happening with her. She may begin to respond by kicking her legs, which may indicate that you got the question right!

You as a Mom

mother baby week7It is common for new moms to brag about their babies’ latest milestone. If your baby is not reaching a few milestones that are associated with this month, don’t lose sleep over it. Your baby will more than likely reach them in the next few weeks and is likely more interested in taking her surroundings in. So if your baby doesn’t reach a milestone that your friend’s baby does, just know that all babies are different and develop at different rates.

With your routine being more or less fixed, you might find that you have more play-time with the baby. Invest in small toys and make sure that they conform to safety standards and do not pose a choking hazard. More important than anything, insist that your visitors wash their hands before they pick up the baby. At seven weeks old, folks may feel more comfortable carrying your baby than in earlier weeks but will also put the baby at risk for opportunistic infections. Just remember that it is your duty to protect her and anybody that is offended by your request… well let’s just leave it at that!

Dad’s role

dad baby week7Parenting is undoubtedly a two-person job and since dad has signed up for it as well, you might find yourself pulled into different directions playing the husband and dad extraordinaire. No dad ever had an owner’s manual or even a crash course in parenting – one just has to learn as one goes along. If you have not divvied up your duties, it is still not too late to take over as much as you can around the house.