With your baby’s two month checkup right around the corner, you may be looking to have many of your questions answered such as, is she putting on enough weight, is the head circumference falling within normal limits and most importantly, how much are those immunization shots going to hurt!

Your baby’s development

At this stage, your baby may be holding things in her hands. In fact, you may find it impossible to wrestle a rattle from her tiny fingers! Just make sure you don’t give the baby your key bunch, as it is sure to go into her mouth. Pay special attention to tiny objects that may be lying around, as your baby will take every opportunity to taste anything that she can get her hands on. If you have older children, insist on their cooperation as well. Your baby’s favorite toy may be her thumb or middle two fingers; you might think she is sucking on a strawberry lollipop by the way that her mouth is so tightly locked around her finger/s! If you are brave try pulling her finger out!

At this time, keeping your baby engaged by playing finger games with her, will help her develop language in which ever language or dialect she is spoken to. Infants acquire language through playing social games, which can be small rhythmic songs that involve you pointing to each finger of the baby. This also leads to your baby’s intellectual development as she masters what is coming next and might even react to it.

If your baby has her immunizations in week 10, this doctor’s visit will be a quick one that will measure important parameters such as head circumference, weight, along with a chest examination.

You as a Mom

mother baby week8If you have finally found a bottle that your baby will accept, it is certainly cause for celebration. This will give you the flexibility to hand your baby off for a bottle-feed after a long day where she has been attached to your breasts! With the baby putting on weight with every passing day, you may have to remind yourself of how small she was at birth. Now that you are an expert at describing baby poop, you might find that your baby reacts to the different foods you have consumed during the day as it is passed on to your baby through your milk.

While you may be advised to forego spicy foods, continue to make sure that your caloric consumption stays up for the duration of breast-feeding. In an attempt to get back to pre-pregnancy weight, some women tend to skip meals; but often it is your baby that will pay the price as your milk production will begin to dry up if you are starving.

Dad’s role

dad baby week8Your wife might have recuperated from the pregnancy and childbirth, but she still needs dad to help with the baby after work. Even if it is only treating her to a few slices of her favorite pizza or letting her catch up on missed episodes of “Saas Bina Sasuraal”, can change her mind about being ready for you-know-what.

Some women may not be ready for sexual intercourse for a few months after the birth of the baby; you yourself may not be ready for milk squirting in your eyes; just be patient and keep those flowers coming! She may surprise you!