Do consult your doctor and a speech therapist in such cases or if your baby does not meet the above conditions.  Most people will advise you to just wait it out. Most babies usually just grow out of this stage. However, at this stage your baby needs more support from you than otherwise. Here are a couple of things you can do.

1. Consult  a Speech Therapis

mom talking to toddlerA speech therapist will encourage your baby to use words more often. It is important that your baby talks freely and uses more and more words to communicate. The therapist will guide your baby to rely lesser on gestures and more on words to communicate his needs and wants.

2. Talk to your Child

Spend more time talking to and at your child. Encourage him to answer you with words. Involve the entire family in getting your child to talk. Make it a fun game without making him feel pressurized to talk. Do not express displeasure at your child’s inability to communicate in complete sentences. Your child is sensitive to your moods. Keep your mood optimistic and your attitude encouraging.

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