Once your little one is three months old, he or she is more alert. Your baby is going to learn things by looking around him and imitating the actions of those around him. It is very essential at this point to keep the atmosphere around the baby happy and filled with fun.

Playing with babies does not have to be a strenuous activity. Babies love everything that you do. Your task is essentially to make your baby a part of anything you do. It is simple things which will make all the difference. For example, if you want to read the newspaper, lie on your stomach next to your little one and spread your newspaper in front of you. Hand your child’s favourite baby book to him and ask, “Do you want to read with mummy?” Your baby will pretend to read just like you do and even manage to flip a page or two along with you!

Fun activities to do with your baby

1. Show your baby around

While you are acquainted with every nook and corner of your house, it is a whole new world for your baby to discover. You can encourage your child’s learning by pointing things out to him. Point to a painting you like and help identify objects. Even regular things like phone, chair and spoon are words to associate with objects.

Take your baby outside with you. Pick a leaf and sound excited as you say, “Leaf!” allow your baby to touch,  feel and experience every object you name. It will be a new and exciting journey for you to discover the numerous things that are hidden right in your backyard! Activities like identifying objects stimulate your little one’s imagination and encourages him to be more curious about everything around him.

2. Play Fetch

As ridiculous as it sounds, playing fetch can really boost the skills of your baby. Place a number of objects at a distance from you and  ask your baby to fetch any one object. It could be a ball,  a book or a play phone. Say no and shake your head every time your baby reaches for the wrong object. This will help your baby name the objects better. Grasping the object in his hand and crawling back to you will also exercise his limb muscles and improve his motor coordination.

3. Make faces

baby-mirrorSit in front of the mirror and pull your baby on your lap. Your face and the faces of the people around him is by far the most fascinating thing for your baby. Droop your mouth and say, ‘Sad’ to let your baby know what a sad expression is. Likewise smile brightly and say ‘Happy’. Do not forget all the fish faces either! Making fun faces is a great way for your baby to develop his social, visual and emotional skills.

You can teach your baby a lot of things by spending time with him. Everything you say and do is something new for your baby to learn, so make the most of this time with your baby as you are going to cherish these moments once your little one grows up.