Toddler tantrums are a parent’s worst nightmare. It is embarrassing if your toddler decides to get adamant for a favorite toy right in the supermarket and throws the worst kind of tantrum when you refuse to comply. It is so embarrassing to be the center of all unwanted, judgmental attention that you are tempted to burn a hole in your pocket just to get out of the situation!

Unfortunately, this only teaches your toddler that screaming and demanding leads to favorable results. The next time they want something they are going to scream for it. You need to teach your toddler that screaming is not a solution and definitely not something you are in favor of. However, grown up logic is just going to fall on deaf ears. Here are some other things you could try out to let your toddler know that screaming is not an option:

1. Divert the topic

The worst tantrums often surface around bed time. For some reason toddlers have an aversion to sleep no matter how tired they are. Remember your toddler is just learning to talk and is forming half sentences. Usually when your toddler says, “Chocolate,” or, “TV” you assume that your toddler means he or she wants chocolates or wants to watch TV.

Instead try saying something like, “The one you ate in the evening? You really liked it, didn’t you? Maybe if you are a good girl we can get you one tomorrow evening.” Use the word they use to converse with them instead of putting your foot down. Toddlers for some reason get more adamant when they hear a vehement ‘no.’