Read on to know how daddies can make sure their child is emotionally secure. Kids with involved daddies are more patient, can better handle stress and frustrations !!

They say a mother nurtures a child, while a father gives him traits like independence, risk-taking ability and emotional security. True that.
In India, a mother is usually expected to take care of a baby and her needs, while a daddy’s role is usually neglected. But it makes a lot of difference to a child’s well-being if dads are allowed and encouraged to get involved with the baby right from the birth and the responsibilities go beyond just lending a helping hand in changing nappies.

An involved father makes sure his child is emotionally secure. Various studies have indicated that biological daddies have a direct impact on the well-being of their children especially in the areas of cognitive ability, linguistic skills, educational achievement, social behavior and psychological well-being.

In simple words, a father is capable of making his child confident to explore the surroundings, have better social connections and has higher levels of academic readiness while a mother may feel extra-protective for her little one.

Dr. Seema Hingorany, an established clinical psychologist and relationship expert from Mumbai, says, “Times are changing and parents are aware that a father’s role is as important as the mother’s in the development and well-being of the child. Both parents pass on personality traits to the child and a father’s role is thus very important and shouldn’t be ignored. Unlike earlier, nowadays couples have one or two kids and they want to give them the best. It is important that a father figure doesn’t induce fear in a child’s mind but makes him look up to his father as somebody who is there to meet his physical and emotional needs, just like a mother. So parenting is a dual effort.”

dad readingKids with involved daddies are more patient, can better handle stress and frustrations and are confident to face the worldly challenges. Needles to mention, fathers’ involvement leads to a psychologically and emotionally healthier growing kid.

Reason enough for you Daddies to go back to building the bond between you and your child. What’s more? The influence of a father’s involvement on academic achievement and behavioral aspects extends into adolescence and young adulthood! Time to read a book to your child or play a board game… trust us, it works.

Tips for daddies

  • Smile to your child and give him a hug daily to make him a secure individual.
  • Spend time with your child doing activities that give you a chance to interact and communicate.
  • Ask open-ended questions in a friendly tone so that the child learns to talk to you freely.
  • Choose open-areas and natural surroundings over gadgets and gizmos.
  • Cook for your child sometimes, you may also invite him to help you.
  • Teaching him a new board game would be a better option than playing video games.
  • Share responsibilities with your spouse to meet your child’s social, emotional, academics requirements.
  • Make sure you spend 10-minutes with your child before he goes to bed reading a book, telling a story or planning for the next day.