If you are reading this article, it is very likely that you and your husband have decided now is the right time to extend your family and have a baby. You may be looking for tips to hasten the process, so we present 8 tips to get pregnant faster.

1. Visit your Gynaecologist

Of course, you need to pray for the Almighty’s blessings, but before that, seek your gynaecologist’s blessings. Get a check-up done to rule out any anomalies in your body like cysts or fibroids in the ovaries and tubes, low haemoglobin, obesity, vaginal infection; anything that could affect your chances of getting pregnant.

2. Know your fertile time

The science of the human body also needs to be considered. An egg can be fertilized up to 24 hours after it is released from the ovary, while a sperm has a longer life of 3 to 5 days. To improve your chances, have intercourse before, during and after the ovulation window.

3. Track your Ovulation cycle

The human ovulation cycle is affected by so many factors that you cannot precisely time it, despite your best efforts. Thank goodness for ovulation kits and fertility monitors that can track the levels of the body’s ovulation-related hormones, helping you to time your efforts.

4. Come off the pill

Stop your birth control medication a few months before you start trying to get pregnant. This is because your body needs sufficient preparation time to start the ovulating process once again.

5. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Get at least 8 hours of sleep daily and drink plenty of water. While being active and fit, stay away from heavy exercise. Keep a balanced diet, with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and fish. Do not eat spicy and fatty foods, and avoid coffee which will make you hyper-active and anxious.

6. Smoking and Alcohol

You definitely need to abstain from drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes; these will not only reduce your chances of conceiving, but will also harm the fetus when you do conceive. It is a small sacrifice to make for your baby, who will be in your arms sooner than you realize. In fact, thoughts of happy days to come should be the underlying motivation through all these tips to get you pregnant faster.

7. Lubricants

Avoid using lubricants in the vaginal passage. They can affect the sperms travelling up the fallopian tubes. For the same reason, stick to the missionary position of love-making. Use a pillow to lift your hips, so that the sperms have a faster chance of reaching the ovary and meeting the egg.

8. Stress

This is the last of the 8 tips to get pregnant faster, but by no means the least useful. Once you decide you are ready, do not over-think and unnecessarily get stressed out. Stress can affect the baby-making process by lowering your interest and even interfering with your menstrual cycle. Just enjoy this special time with your loved one.

Follow these tips to get pregnant faster, and you will soon see the positive results. Good Luck – exciting times await you!