Having a baby is one of the most important events in the life of a woman.  We bring you 10 things to keep in mind while planning for a pregnancy.  Once you have decided to take a plunge into motherhood , the following points will help you to ensure not only a healthy pregnancy but also a healthy baby.

1. Preconception Visit to a Doctor

It will be great if your partner accompanies you to your doctor for a preconception checkup. It’s easy for a doctor to deal with any kind of abnormality prior to pregnancy rather than dealing with the same problem during pregnancy. Moreover, it’s the best time to enquire about tossing birth control measures, diet, change in lifestyle and exercise.

2. Shake Your Family Trees

Certain types of birth defects are genetic in nature and there is likelihood that you or your partner might be a carrier of a genetic disorder. A genetic counselor can help you to deal with such a problem.

3. Check Your BMI

Your BMI should be within an ideal range of 20 to 25. In case it’s not within the ideal range, your doctor can suggest the best possible way of achieving your required weight goal.

4. Well Balanced Diet

Having a healthy and well balanced diet will stock your body with nutrients which will be required for healthy pregnancy. Try to have fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, poultry and dairy products as a part of your diet every day.

5. Food Supplements and Folic acid

Women who start taking folic acid atleast 4 weeks before conception can reduce their baby’s risk of birth defects related to spinal cord and skull by 70%. Consult your doctor for the required dose.

6. Give up smoking and alcohol

Get help if required but this is the time to give up these habits as these may lead to miscarriage or premature birth. Tobacco is also known for lowering fertility as well as sperm count.

7. Avoid stress

Try to identify and eliminate the causes of stress at this stage. Ask your partner and family for emotional support. Too much stress during pregnancy may lead to premature birth or low birth weight.

8. Exercise Regularly

This will help you to reduce stress and keep your body fit.

9. Health Insurance

This is the time to check if your current insurance offers maternity coverage. If yes, then you need to find the details.  In India, you can also buy insurance for your yet-to-be-born baby.

10. Plan your budget

There’s a considerable cost which is associated with medical bills and child care. Making some adjustments in your current lifestyle will help you to manage your expenses.

These simple steps will help you and your partner in your journey towards the new adventure.