Most parents are eager to get their children out of their diapers and nappies and on to the pot. It means lesser wetting, lesser changing of diapers and overall lesser hassles. But it is after all your child and nothing matters more than raising your child the right way. What are a couple months more of diaper changing in exchange for a happy child? With this in mind, the biggest question parents face is when is it the right time to start potty training a child?

Babies and toddlers are more perceptive than parents assume. Parents or caretakers like grandparents usually tend to observe signals from the baby, which give them an indication that the baby is about to either pee or poop. Some parents, in such an event, tend to pick up their babies and rush them to the bathroom. A child of two to two and a half years is perceptive enough to understand that this means he or she has to use the bathroom whenever the urge to urinate strikes. This, in short, means that the right age to potty train your child, is when you believe that you and child are ready to take the step ahead and you give him or her the benefit of being emotionally developed to understand that the body needs to excrete.