India has performed poorly on the mother and child front with its rank on the Mother’s Index dropping to 76 in the list of 80 “less developed countries” category as against 75th position in 2011, a latest report has said. Afghanistan has shown an improvement while China is way ahead of India, it says.

The Mother’s Index is based on a number of criteria such as lifetime risk of maternal death, per cent of births attended by skilled health personnel and other risk factors related to maternity. The report by Save the Children has singled out Bihar as a global best-practice.

Relative to most other developing countries, India underperforms or scores below average on all indicators on the Mothers’ Index apart from two – contraceptive prevalence (49 per cent) and access to safe water (92 per cent). On both, India scores slightly above average (which is 46 per cent and 89 per cent, respectively (3 percentage points above average on both measures).

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