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Indian Parenting experiences in parent’s own words; and conversations about parents, children and India Parenting

  • The Secret to Raising Smart Kids

    As young mothers, most of us, unwittingly or consciously, are hoping our kids turn out to be bright and smart. We are thrilled if our children come back earning praise from school for doing a sum ahead of the class, or winning a race! Yes, this is the way it is with the world. It values smartness and undervalues hard work and effort. So, you may be surprised to know that research done at Stanford Continue Reading

  • Do Our Kids Have Too Much Self-Esteem?

    I remember being berated by a fellow parent because I had not attended my son’s fifth grade graduation day. The friend had taken the day off from a hectic work week, and had gone to school early with his SLR camera and various lenses, the better to take pictures of his daughter’s big day. And here I was, a bad mother who had forgotten all about the ‘big’ day! I was quite remorseful, although the Continue Reading

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  • To Gain Weight or Not During Pregnancy

    Recently I’ve seen a lot of fit mothers who bounce back to shape once their little bundles of joy are delivered. I was one of them! Not only did I not gain weight, but I maintained lean muscle and continued being fit through out. In 9 months I gained 6 kilos and once the 3 kg baby was delivered, I was half a kilo less than before. In the past, a large weight gain was Continue Reading

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  • To Gain Weight Or Not During Pregnancy

    I have recently seen a lot of fit mothers who bounce back to shape once their little bundles of joy are delivered. I was one of them! Not only did I not gain weight, but I maintained lean muscle and continued being fit through out my pregnancy. In 9 months I gained 6 kilos and once the 3 kg baby was delivered, I was half a kilo less than before. In the past, a large Continue Reading

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  • MOM is WOW! – ‘Yes She Can!’

    Being a ‘mommy’ is a designation in itself. As they say, motherhood is the toughest 24-hour-job with no pay, no days off, no required qualification or training. With a bundle of joy comes alive the world of a new mother. Rightly said, each child is a bundle of joy – mine being a happy, innocent and naughty one. Did anyone say every child is? For me, motherhood is learning on the job. And being a Continue Reading

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  • 6 Common Parenting Mistakes

    The common mistakes parents make can easily affect a child’s confidence and his self-worth. Read on to know the six common mistakes that one can avoid as a parent !! Parenting is one job you are required to do without proper training or qualification. ‘A full-time job’ as many fresh mothers like to describe it, parenting is an art. Nevertheless, there are some thumb rules that can make you a better parent. When a baby Continue Reading

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  • Communicating with your baby – 10 tips to help you get started

    So you have already started interpreting what your baby’s sound of delight, desire and distress mean. How about helping her out to communicate with you and the world around? Even the youngest of babies are receptive and trying their best to learn the language. The more you understand their gestures, signs and expression, the more you can try to communicate with them by responding to these. It’s time before they can communicate in words their Continue Reading

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  • Triple Impressions 1 – by Shefali Vaidya

    Triple Impressions is a column by Shefali Vaidya for, where she shares her tumultuous journey as a mother from the point of discovery that she is pregnant with triplets all the way through to being a proud mother of six year olds. ‘I can hear three heartbeats. I think you have triplets’, our doctor uttered these momentous words with a smile. It was my first ultrasound screening since the pregnancy was confirmed. Our doctor Continue Reading

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  • Triple Impressions – 2 by Shefali Vaidya

    It was a cold, rainy afternoon in January. The streets of Dallas still twinkled with fairy lights from the holiday celebrations. I had just entered the 25th week of pregnancy. The first trimester upheavals were behind us and I could finally relax and enjoy my pregnancy. That chiefly consisted of asking my poor husband to rustle up outrageous food stuff that I remembered from my childhood. That particular afternoon, I craved for conversation in my Continue Reading

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  • Triple Impressions – 3 by Shefali Vaidya

    The slowest night of my life trickled slowly into a turbid, grey, airless dawn. I was still on Mag, weaving in and out of periods of lucidity and hallucinations. As I was practically paralyzed from neck down, any movement was out of question. Ganesh had spent the night crouched uncomfortably in a hard iron folding chair. Twelve slow hours had passed since the steroid injections. Thirty-six more to go before the steroids had their full Continue Reading

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  • Triple Impressions – 4 by Shefali Vaidya

    One whole week had crawled by, excruciatingly slowly since I was admitted to the hospital with premature contractions. I was still on Mag. I was still paralyzed neck down, I was still lying in a little windowless room decorated in ten different shades of grey and I was still hallucinating like a hobo on crack! But I was still pregnant and that meant my babies STILL had a chance! The minutes ticked away. When you Continue Reading

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  • Triple Impressions – 5 by Shefali Vaidya

    The days passed. The hospital stay had become the new normal. I was now the longest staying resident of the pre-natal wing, on first-name basis with all the nurses, helpers, the pathology technicians, the lady who delivered food from the cafeteria, even the guy who came to maintain the AC! I did not know it then, but a lot of people were silently rooting for our babies. I would have an ultrasound every alternate day to monitor the heart-rate of Continue Reading

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  • Why Daddy’s Time with Kids is Important

    Read on to know how daddies can make sure their child is emotionally secure. Kids with involved daddies are more patient, can better handle stress and frustrations !! They say a mother nurtures a child, while a father gives him traits like independence, risk-taking ability and emotional security. True that. In India, a mother is usually expected to take care of a baby and her needs, while a daddy’s role is usually neglected. But it Continue Reading

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