I have recently seen a lot of fit mothers who bounce back to shape once their little bundles of joy are delivered.

I was one of them!

Not only did I not gain weight, but I maintained lean muscle and continued being fit through out my pregnancy. In 9 months I gained 6 kilos and once the 3 kg baby was delivered, I was half a kilo less than before.

In the past, a large weight gain was considered normal. The do’s and don’ts were not explored a great deal, and most women toed the line.

There were so many do’s and don’ts like: eat for two, don’t walk, don’t stand, don’t sit, don’t squat, don’t lift heavy things.

Today a lot of the myths have been shattered and women are not letting go in spite of being pregnant.

Here is how I kept my weight off:

1) Eating real food

I ate only real unprocessed foods. That means no grains (no breads, biscuits, chapatti, wheat etc), no sugar, no aerated drinks, no food from packages. I drank fresh milk, ate butter and ghee, meat, chicken, eggs, lots of vegetables in all forms, and lots of fruits. Because I ate REAL food, I did not get any swelling or water retention.

2) Being active

I was in super shape pre-pregnancy where I was doing boot camp – that’s sprints and body weight workouts, yoga, and walking. After I got pregnant I just listened to my body and continued high levels of activity. I walked everyday and did yoga 5 times a week, and tried swimming whenever I had the opportunity. I even went on long easy hikes and all because I trust my body because I’ve tested the boundaries before.

3) I think from the evolutionary context

Yes, I am sure all through the passage of time women may have taken it easy when pregnant. But women squatted while sitting, did chores, moved about a lot, walked for hours and hours, and carried around their older children. So what makes us so different today that we think we should not bend, not stand for too long, and not carry heavier things? Who made these rules? Of course complications and doctors orders are a different matter all together but in a normal healthy pregnancy, you really can do almost anything.

4) I was aware of my body

Two years prior to getting pregnant I ate extremely well and worked out out in a way that all hormonal imbalances were taken care off, I gained lean muscle mass, lost a lot of weight, ate foods high in saturated fat like eggs, ghee, coconut oil, and generally ensured that my body was in good shape to handle pregnancy and birth. By doing that I knew not to take advice from all corners and instead listened to my body. I ate when I was hungry, stopped when I was full, and slept when I was tired.

5) I was happy with my body

I knew my body was going to change in a big way. Even though I had worked so hard to get into shape, I knew that having a baby meant a lot of changes and I was totally prepared and welcomed them all! If I had gained weight after all that, I know I would not have been disappointed.
Being mentally ready for change means less stress, less cortisol, and in all less weight gain.

What is your experience with pregnancy? Do you think you can have a perfectly healthy baby without gaining weight? Write to me in the comments.