Being a ‘mommy’ is a designation in itself. As they say, motherhood is the toughest 24-hour-job with no pay, no days off, no required qualification or training. With a bundle of joy comes alive the world of a new mother. Rightly said, each child is a bundle of joy – mine being a happy, innocent and naughty one. Did anyone say every child is?

For me, motherhood is learning on the job. And being a working mom, the ‘job’ is demanding. It is on the job that I learnt taming a tantrum, winning bedtime battles and discovering the joy of small things in life.

It’s amazing to see how a child brings out the best in a woman, and sometimes the worst. Motherhood is an exhilarating, overwhelming, fun and a tiresome experience for me… sometimes all at the same time; for motherhood is the source of greatest joys and small defeats.

Aspiring to be a supermom and a superwoman, my day is usually packed with long-hours and numerous to-do lists. And I have figured out that preparing a toddler’s lunch-box at home is more challenging than preparing a PPT in office; and gauging his mood swings is a task more difficult than counting the stars. But all you need is a touch of love, dash of fun and tons of innovation thrown in.

Keeping pace with the idea of being a mommy is as easy and challenging for me as it is for my five-year-old to put together the pieces of a puzzle. It may be a mammoth task at the first go, but once you know the trick, you can do it again and again with increased ease. No kidding!

My mantra – the 4Ps of mommyhood – Pamper, Praise, Preach and Pout (read kiss). Voila!