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  • Do Our Kids Have Too Much Self-Esteem?

    I remember being berated by a fellow parent because I had not attended my son’s fifth grade graduation day. The friend had taken the day off from a hectic work week, and had gone to school early with his SLR camera and various lenses, the better to take pictures of his daughter’s big day. And here I was, a bad mother who had forgotten all about the ‘big’ day! I was quite remorseful, although the Continue Reading

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  • Helping Your Child Deal With Peer Pressure

    “Come on let’s bunk class and have an ice cream instead.” “ Why do you wear such “behenji” clothes? In today’s world, children come with their set of opinions about what is “cool” and what is not. In a world where taking individual decisions itself is hard enough, your child is likely to face such challenging situations on a daily basis. Teaching him how to handle such situations will equip him with the necessary life Continue Reading

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  • How to discipline your child

    Discipline is the process of teaching your child what is acceptable and what is not.  It is not a form of punishment.  Disciplining your child requires both commitment and effective communication.  You can teach your child how to be respectful and to follow rules. Through the use of rewards and consequences, you can show your child how to be respectful and follow rules. The word discipline is usually seen in a negative light as far Continue Reading

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  • Help your Child handle Success and Failure

    In a world which labels everybody as a success or failure, it is very easy for your child to fall into the rat race, and be ecstatic about successes and go to any length to achieve it; and be equally disappointed by the smallest of failures and sink into depression or indulge in violent activities. One of the important lessons you can impart to your child, in the art of living is to handle success Continue Reading

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  • Holidaying with Kids – 10 Places to Visit in India

    With the pressures of school and exams left behind safely, it is now time to plan (and execute) your much awaited vacation itinerary. In times where even a one-day trip to a mall or an amusement park with kids can leave you lying down with a glucose drip on your arm, planning a full fledged vacation with your kids during the scorching summer holidays seems a daunting task. With a careful choice of kid friendly Continue Reading

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  • 6 Sex Tips for the New Parents

    In Indian families, the birth of a baby is a momentous occasion where everyone in the family join together to celebrate and welcome the new baby into their family. A newborn baby is definitely the apple of eye of everyone in the family and most parents put their baby above everything else, especially the mother. She gets so involved with her baby that she forgets the relationship that has existed between her and her husband Continue Reading

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  • 5 Ways a Dad Can Help Boost His Daughters Self Esteem

    A father will always have a special place in a girl’s life whether she is 5 or 50. It is one of the most rewarding relationships, as far as women are concerned. But not many can claim to have this perfect relationship. You as a father may find that your little girl who used to adore you and loved to spend time with you has suddenly become a stranger as she is growing up and Continue Reading

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  • 7 Lessons from Mahabharata

    One of the greatest epics of all times, the Mahabharata is a storehouse of information and nuggets of wisdom; teaching us how to live our lives and adapt ourselves to the circumstances we find ourselves in. By clearly showing the distinction between what is good and evil, what must and must not be done through its various characters, this epic teaches us many lessons. Each character is a study in the cross section of basic Continue Reading

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  • Kurious Kids – Nurture Your Kid’s Curiousity

    Kids are inherently curious. As parents, we should nurture this curiosity by trying to help them find answers to their questions. This section is an attempt to do just that.  This section will evolve into hundreds of questions that kids ask and how parents respond to them. This is your section so please feel free to contribute and benefit.  As a parent, you could help in one of the following ways 1. You can add Continue Reading

  • 10 Ways to Stop Yelling at Your Child

    Nobody said raising a toddler was going to be easy. But you signed up for it the minute your eyes misted over with happy tears when you found out you were pregnant. And unfortunately this is not something you can quit. Screaming and shouting at your little one is definitely not the solution. The louder you scream, the more your toddler is likely to compare you to the big bad monsters from the bedtime stories Continue Reading

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  • Parent Teacher Meeting – A Class Act

    It is an accepted fact that parents of this generation are far more involved in their wards academic activities than the previous generation. Most schools have a strong and active Parent Teachers association which helps address the grievances faced by parents. Your child’s teachers especially his class teacher is a very important and influential person in his (and your) life. With a few right moves, you can turn the dreaded PTA meetings (or PTM) into Continue Reading

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  • 5 lessons from Ramayana

    The beauty of the wonderful epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata is that they have something to offer to whoever is reading them, irrespective of their age.  So read the epics to your child, maybe split into short portions, like a bedtime story. Even if your child knows the “story” try weaving it around “lessons” he can relate to in his life. This will enable him to see the epic as more than a mere story. 1. Continue Reading

  • 7 Tips to Get Your Child to Listen to You

    “My child just doesn’t listen”.  This is one of the top rating complaints parents have about kids. What do you do when you have a child who just will not listen to what you have to say? In most cases, the answer is pretty straight forward. Practice what you preach. Stop for a moment and think about whether you really listen to your child. Chances are that you are as bad as the child when Continue Reading

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  • Early Childhood Development – Socialization

    As your baby grows older he or she is going to develop what we commonly refer to as a ‘Personality. ‘He is going to make new friends, like certain people he likes more than others, share his toys, feel sorry for something he has done wrong, feel angry and frustrated. The rise of new emotions and character traits in your toddler is the beginning of his social skills. How he develops his social skills is Continue Reading

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  • 6 Common Parenting Mistakes

    The common mistakes parents make can easily affect a child’s confidence and his self-worth. Read on to know the six common mistakes that one can avoid as a parent !! Parenting is one job you are required to do without proper training or qualification. ‘A full-time job’ as many fresh mothers like to describe it, parenting is an art. Nevertheless, there are some thumb rules that can make you a better parent. When a baby Continue Reading

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  • Communicating with your baby – 10 tips to help you get started

    So you have already started interpreting what your baby’s sound of delight, desire and distress mean. How about helping her out to communicate with you and the world around? Even the youngest of babies are receptive and trying their best to learn the language. The more you understand their gestures, signs and expression, the more you can try to communicate with them by responding to these. It’s time before they can communicate in words their Continue Reading

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  • Preparing Older Children about Pregnancy

    You just found out you are pregnant, and the first thing that pops into your mind is, “How will I tell my children about this new addition?” You are certainly not the first or the last one that will struggle with how your child will receive this news. While it may be exciting for your child now, it may be one of the tougher things that he or she will have to deal with and Continue Reading

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  • Mothers Day in India

    Mother’s Day is celebrated in India and other countries to express gratitude to mothers for the hardships they bear in bringing up a child.  Mother’s Day is celebrated in India on the second Sunday of May, every year. People across the world celebrate Mother’s Day with joy and devotion and take the opportunity to thank their moms for all their love and support.  It is common for people to wish “Happy Mothers Day” to their Continue Reading

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