A father will always have a special place in a girl’s life whether she is 5 or 50. It is one of the most rewarding relationships, as far as women are concerned. But not many can claim to have this perfect relationship. You as a father may find that your little girl who used to adore you and loved to spend time with you has suddenly become a stranger as she is growing up and approaching her adolescent years.

She may not be comfortable sharing her life with you and may confuse you further with the changes that are a natural precursor to the physical and emotional changes that she is going through. But remember that you as a father have a far greater impact in shaping your daughters life than you think. A healthy and memorable relationship is one of the greatest gifts that you can give your daughter.

Here are some tips:

1. Let the questions continue

When your daughter was a little girl, chances are that you would have been bombarded with questions about everything that he could think of. Encourage her to continue this. Assure her that you will give her a straight answer however touchy the topic is instead of telling her to ask her mother. This will ensure that the vital communication line is open between the two of you.

2. Take the time out to be involved in her life

However demanding your work commitments are, make it a point to spend some time (at least once a week) with your daughter. Do something that both of you enjoy, and use that time to catch up on her life. Knowing that you are genuinely interested will make her more open to sharing her problems with you.