With the pressures of school and exams left behind safely, it is now time to plan (and execute) your much awaited vacation itinerary. In times where even a one-day trip to a mall or an amusement park with kids can leave you lying down with a glucose drip on your arm, planning a full fledged vacation with your kids during the scorching summer holidays seems a daunting task. With a careful choice of kid friendly holiday destinations and planning you can bring some amount of method to this seemingly maddening situation.

Here are 10 places in India that you can travel with your kids this summer.

1. Bangalore

bangaloreFor maximum kid pleasing entertainment within the city Bangalore offers an amazing variety of options. With its pleasant climate through out the year you won’t have to hear constant ‘it’s so hot I want to go back to the hotel” cries through out the day. It offers kids a wide variety of options to choose from.

What your kids can do in Bangalore

  • They can frolic around in Cubbon Park amidst lush greenery, take a ride on the toy train, climb on tree house and fortress and enjoy nature in all its glory.
  • They can marvel at the mysteries of space at the planetarium, enjoy the sky theatre shows and explore the museum there.
  • If your child is fascinated by airplanes then he will have fun at the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) museum to catch a glimpse of the helicopters, fighter jets, combat air-crafts, rockets, missiles and satellites.
  • They can spend a day getting in touch with their wild side at the Bannergatta National Park, to see wild animals up close. There is also a snake park and museum. A safari in to the National Park where children can observe wild animals like bear, lion deer etc in their natural surroundings will add to the thrill of the whole experience.
  • They can have a blast at the numerous amusement parks the city has to offer like water themed parks like Wonderla and Neeladhari and boost up the entertainment quotient with a trip to the Innovative film city and surprise the kids with more entertainment at Innovative Film City with its Dinosaur Park, Cartoon City, Ripley’s Enchanted Mirror Maze, Funplex with 4-D theatre etc.

2. Cochin

alleppey-houseboatThis enchanting city in gods owns country is sure to seep your kids off their feet. With its exciting backwaters and houseboats, majestic ships you will have the kids eating out of your hand.

What your kids can do in Cochin

  • See how ships are made in the Cochin ship yard. See the majestic ships and get a taste of life on the high seas.
  • Take a trip to the quaint island of Bolgatty by boat and explore the island like seasoned sailors or stay on a house boat on the tranquil back waters in Alleppey (a mere 60 kms) from Cochin and enjoy simple pleasure like having a freshly caught fish for dinner.
  • For some pachyderm style entertainment head to Kodanad, an elephant training camp to see elephants in action from really close quarters. For more doses of wild life adventure go to the Mangalvanam Bird Sanctuary or the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary (190 kms away).
  • Go back in time and explore the antique and quaint lanes of Jew town and visit the famous Jewish synagogue there. Have fun bargaining for the lovely antiques and spices available there.