One of the greatest epics of all times, the Mahabharata is a storehouse of information and nuggets of wisdom; teaching us how to live our lives and adapt ourselves to the circumstances we find ourselves in.

By clearly showing the distinction between what is good and evil, what must and must not be done through its various characters, this epic teaches us many lessons. Each character is a study in the cross section of basic human life. Each character offers us an opportunity to look into his life and learn from it.

1. Lord Krishna

One of the central characters, his advice at the right time encouraged a depressed Arjuna to do his duty without worrying about the result. So if Arjuna could take up his Ghandhiva (his celestial bow) and give the Kauravas a run for their vast army, 100 siblings and all, the least you can do is encourage your child to give his math’s exams his best shot, not worrying about his grades.

2. Dhritarashtra

The next time you even think about giving into your spoilt brat’s unacceptable demands, just to maintain peace, think about the blind king Dhritarashtra, whose blind love towards his children and his inability to say no, destroyed not only his children but also a whole empire. So one of the greatest favours that you can do for your child is to tell him “no” whenever needed.

3. The Pandavas

If you happen to find your little angels at each others throat- again, releasing the most unangelic blood curdling screams, that prompts you to put the ambulance services number on top of your speed dialing lists; remind them (after they have made peace of course) about the Pandava siblings and how their love for each other and their trust in each other saw them through some of the toughest situations imaginable, and still emerge as victors at the end. Make your kids understand that while it is perfectly normal to fight with each other (after all what are siblings for?) it is equally important to be there for each other in times of need.