In Indian families, the birth of a baby is a momentous occasion where everyone in the family join together to celebrate and welcome the new baby into their family. A newborn baby is definitely the apple of eye of everyone in the family and most parents put their baby above everything else, especially the mother. She gets so involved with her baby that she forgets the relationship that has existed between her and her husband before the baby was born.

It is very important for parents to remember that sometime in the near future your little baby will grow up to be a lovely toddler and starts exploring his new found independence. When that happens it is going to be back to just the two of you and the relationship you have ignored.

Here are some tips to take some time out and keep your relationship fresh and alive.

1. Take time out for yourself

Looking after a newborn baby is a very daunting task and although your newborn baby needs you and loves having you with him all the time, its equally important to have some ‘Me Time’ just for yourself. Having a baby does not mean that you have to look after the baby 24/7. Leave your baby with a reliable family member like your parents or in-laws once in a while. Book yourself in for a beauty treatment or schedule yourself for a waxing session, a facial or even a haircut.

In short invest time in anything that will make you look and feel good. This will help you de-stress and come back to your baby with revived energy to meet his needs.

2. Look at sex differently

Of course it was passionate and absolutely dreamy to make out in the comfort of your bedroom. It was great when you had loads and loads of time to talk each other into the mood and spend hours just building up to the moment. But it is equally exciting to get all wild and passionate and squeeze in a quick make out session on the couch when the baby is sleeping.