3. Don’t forget to talk through touch

As important is your baby to you and your partner, never ignore the fact that your relationship needs your time too. Remember that touch is sometimes the best way to express yourself. Simply cuddling in the bed or dropping in a quick kiss on your way out or stealing a steamy kiss when nobody is watching, can rekindle the romance in your relationship.

4. Retain your space

If you share your room with your baby, make sure you have your own space which is free of baby diapers and toys and rattles. Keep a separate box in your room which can contain all your baby’s toys. This way, when you hit the bed at the end of the day it is just you and your partner and your space.

5. Talk dirty

When your baby is asleep and you are dead tired to actually get into the act, resort to words. Talk to each other about what you would do if you would not be so tired. Let your partner know that you still find him hot and attractive and having a baby has definitely not changed that.

6. Schedule a baby sitter

When possible, call a baby sitter and go on a romantic date. Having a baby does not have to mean the end of romance. It just means re-scheduling it bit here and there so everyone has space in it. Both of you will appreciate the time out and will look forward to the quality time you have spent together again.