Nobody said raising a toddler was going to be easy. But you signed up for it the minute your eyes misted over with happy tears when you found out you were pregnant. And unfortunately this is not something you can quit. Screaming and shouting at your little one is definitely not the solution. The louder you scream, the more your toddler is likely to compare you to the big bad monsters from the bedtime stories you tell him.

No mother likes to yell at her baby. But when your toddler just won’t listen, you start depleting your reserve of patience quicker than water tank with a gaping hole. That’s when the screaming and shouting begins. Here are some tips to help you conquer your yelling habit and be the mom your toddler deserves.

1. Set an example

Keep reminding yourself again and again that your toddler is a quick learner. Everything you do is registered by your child and then emulated. You are the best example your child has. You want to teach your child that speaking softly is appreciated and that yelling is a bad habit. If your child yells most of the time it is probably because he or she thinks it is ok to yell because you have been doing it so often. By yelling most of the times you are teaching your child that yelling is a way to get things done. Do you really want your baby to learn something like that?

2. Take some time out

Raising a toddler is an exhausting task. But nobody says you have to do it all alone. If you live in a joint family it would not be a bad idea to let your in-laws look after the toddler for a couple of hours. If your in-laws or parents live in the vicinity, drop your child off for a while. Take the time out to de-stress. Go shopping or simply book yourself in for a manicure and pedicure. Do anything which makes you feel nice. Most mothers make the mistake of centering every moment of their life around their child. This is unhealthy for both the mother and the baby. Besides, the more loved ones your child comes in contact the better his emotional and intellectual growth.

3. Exercise

Not only will it keep you healthy, but you will also find it an interesting way to release all the pent up agitation. Take an hour out daily to perform some light exercises. Join a yoga class or a hire a personal yoga trainer. Yoga is a great way to relax your body and your mind.

4. Avoid confrontation

If you get very angry with your child, step out. Don’t stay and try to reason with your toddler, it will only enrage you further. Step out of the room for a couple of minutes and take deep breaths. Focus on a happier feelings and then step back into the room. You will find it easier to resume conversation in normal soft tones.