First Trimester of Pregnancy

Week 1 of Pregnancy

It can be disappointing when you first feel those symptoms coming on; especially when you have been trying to conceive for a while. That familiar irritability giving way to back-pain and cramping is a cycle you’ve been through before, but were not looking forward to this time.

Week 2 of Pregnancy

As your body prepares itself to ovulate, the lining of the uterus thickens as it awaits the fertilized egg while allowing the follicles to mature. An egg will then be released from the follicle that will make its way down the fallopian tube in anticipation of the sperm. In the meanwhile, the lining of the uterus thickens in preparation for the arrival of the fertilized egg.

Week 3 of Pregnancy

Now that you have ovulated and have maximized your egg’s exposure to sperm, be prepared to wait at least two more weeks before you know whether you are pregnant or not. An important step in this journey will take place this week – Implantation. Now that your egg and sperm have met, the fertilized egg will travel to the uterus where it will continue to divide for the next 3 days before implantation takes place.

Week 4 of Pregnancy

Get ready to enter a new phase in your life and embark on a 36 week journey to take on a new role! Slowly but surely, your body is gearing up for its most important function in paving the way for a new life. If Mr. Right’s fastest swimmer met your eager egg, then you might be experiencing symptoms that might have you convinced that you are about to get your period. So before you run out to stock up on your sanitary napkins, check out this list of symptoms associated with week 4 of pregnancy.

Week 5 of Pregnancy

Wow! You did it! You have a baby growing inside of you and it feels surreal, doesn’t it? Feeling overwhelmed initially is quite common, so don’t overthink it. If you haven’t begun doing so already, start eating right and getting regular exercise even if it is just a 15 minute stroll and not a full-fledged gym workout. If you’re the kind that spends most of your time taking care of everybody else around you – this is the time to stop and use that energy to take care of yourself. Most of all relax and enjoy this period; everything else can wait and will take care of itself. You on the other hand only have the next 35 weeks to savour this feeling; so make the most of it!

Week 6 of Pregnancy

While your mother-in-law is keeping her fingers crossed for a boy, like any good Indian grandmother would; you and your husband couldn’t care less as long as the baby is healthy. And you would be right about being cautious as weeks 6 to 8 are extremely vulnerable periods during fetal development. During this time, it is important that you do not expose yourself and therefore your baby to any toxins or pathogens that may impact fetal development.

Week 7 of Pregnancy

Everybody who knows the big news so far is telling you that you need to eat for two. But that’s easier said than done, considering how awful you feel if you are experiencing morning sickness. The good news is that most of the time, morning sickness lasts only the duration of the first trimester. By the time the second time trimester rolls around, pregnant women are rejuvenated by a sudden burst of energy which lasts through most of the pregnancy.

Week 8 of Pregnancy

If you find yourself on a roller coaster of emotions, with being elated one day and downright irritable the next, you’re not alone. These mood swings go hand-in-hand with pregnancy so ask your partner to buckle up for the ride cause it might get bumpy! Your hormone levels are fluctuating more so now than ever, and along with that comes emotional highs and lows.

Week 9 of Pregnancy

While it may seem like time has come to a standstill with the nausea and occasional cramping, this too shall pass! In fact even before you know it, your first trimester will seem like a distant memory. So if you have always thought about keeping a diary, this might be the time to start. It might seem silly now, but documenting every little twinge, cramp and bust measurement is testament to what your body is going through to prepare itself for this amazing journey. Also, how often will you be able to say that you have a 36” bust without your thighs keeping pace?

Week 10 of Pregnancy

If you find yourself crying over Johnson and Johnson Baby Oil advertisements on TV, then realize that it is part of the emotional roller coaster that pregnancy will have you on. Your feelings of perpetual nausea may be coming to a close but the happy one second, mad the next and sobbing the third, are just beginning! Just accept it and go with the flow.

Week 11 of Pregnancy

While your morning sickness may be winding down, this may mark the beginning of headaches for some women. So when you say “not tonight darling, I’m having a headache”, to your husband, you might actually be being truthful to your husband!

Week 12 of Pregnancy

Without a doubt you have reached a milestone! With your chances of miscarriage really low, you can now scream that you are pregnant from the rooftops. You can rest easy now, knowing that you are past a significant point in this journey. So if you have managed to keep your pregnancy a secret until now, it is a safe time to spill the beans. If your colleague told you that you packed on a few kilos recently, you can go ahead and say, “Eat your heart out lady, ‘cause I’m pregnant!”.

Week 13 of Pregnancy

Yippee! It’s the last week of the first trimester. And this officially marks what should be the end of morning sickness. Imagine being able to brush your teeth or walk past a restaurant without gagging! You might actually be able to go out and celebrate your pregnancy. In fact, you may even want to take a short vacation before you stop fitting into any of your clothes.  Of course, there are a few women who do continue to experience nausea for a few more weeks.


Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Week 14 of Pregnancy

With your pregnancy coasting along, your energy levels are on the rise and you think back and wonder what you were complaining about; it’s not so bad after all! You are definitely starting to show, and as for that outer circle, it may be time to share the great news. With your nausea out the door along with that general sense of malaise, this is the best stage in your pregnancy, so enjoy it.

Week 15 of Pregnancy

This period of your pregnancy, with most of your nausea and discomfort behind you, is mostly about planning for the future. Contemplating all the ways in which your life is going to change, along with a whole lot of waiting and wondering is what the second trimester is all about. But remember to enjoy this piece and quiet, because it’s all going to change very soon!

Week 16 of Pregnancy

As your pregnancy progresses, although you are feeling great, don’t underestimate your body’s need for rest. With all the changes that you and your baby are going through, any chance for relaxation should be grabbed, almost as a way of making up for what is to come. Even with the cushiest of pregnancies, nobody warns you about the emotional outbursts and itchy and blotchy skin. So go get some rest, you deserve it.

Week 17 of Pregnancy

By now, you are probably used to feeling random aches and pains all across your body. This should not cause you any concern as these are perfectly normal sensations. If you are lucky, you may even feel tiny flutters in your abdomen every once in a while. Try to concentrate on those and not so much on those other uncomfortable sensations.

Week 18 of Pregnancy

This is truly a great time in the pregnancy, as you are not too big to seriously cut back on physical activities and our past the throes of your nausea and fatigue from the first trimester. So this can be a great time to catch up on anything that you might have missed out in the last few months! So continue your daily exercises to keep your body limber and supple.

Week 19 of Pregnancy

Welcome to an important landmark of your pregnancy – the fifth month. With all the excitement that you’re feeling in your belly, you are probably anxious as to how your baby is coming along. This period is called quickening and you may experience it even earlier if this is not your first pregnancy. It is just that you know what to look for when it comes to fetal movement if you have been through it before.

Week 20 of Pregnancy

Yippee! You are halfway there! It’s definitely a point in your pregnancy that is worth mentioning. Celebrate with your favorite bottle of non-alcoholic drink or even better with a glass of jaljeera! It can help your digestion and heartburn. After all, 20 down and 20 more to go, so take a moment and celebrate this milestone.

Week 21 of Pregnancy

With only 19 more weeks to go, you might find that your raging pregnancy hormones are having quite an effect on your libido. While your husband has never been happier than now, you may be surprised at how you are acting. Your grandmother might tell you that sex during this stage in the pregnancy is dangerous but that is just a myth.

Week 22 of Pregnancy

With more than half your journey over, you may begin to experience more than flutters. You will not be confusing your sensations with gas bubbles or the like anymore. Movements will become very discernable as you may be able to tell each body part apart. What you have to look forward to is seeing discrete finger and toes, and you can high-five right back!

Week 23 of Pregnancy

If the reality of being pregnant hasn’t hit you yet, taking 15 bathroom breaks during the day will send the message loud and clear. With all that pressure applied on your pelvic area, it’s no wonder that you feel like you spend more than half the day in the bathroom! For now, it only gets worse before it gets better, so hang in there. It is nice to get all the attention you are and it not often that you get someone giving up their seat for you on the train during rush hour! So enjoy the limelight as it will not last forever.

Week 24 of Pregnancy

If you cannot see your toes by now, then everything is probably going well! It’s also quite normal to be expressing your new-mom concerns to anyone who will listen. But be prepared for unsolicited advice from everyone including your doodhwaali. But the more you talk about it, the easier it is to assume this new role in your life.

Week 25 of Pregnancy

With the umbilical cord being resilient to kinks and twisting, it acts as an excellent conduit for exchange of nutrients and blood between you and your baby. You may also be feeling somewhat swollen now, with every part of your body starting to feel pregnant. So if you’re fingers are starting to look like tindoras, know that a good number of pregnant women experience this symptom. In fact you may even have trouble fitting into your old shoes.

Week 26 of Pregnancy

While on the one hand it seems like time has flown by, there are times when you feel like you have been pregnant forever! Especially with the emotional upheavals that pregnancy brings, and the anticipation growing by the minute, you may feel that time has come to a standstill. But you are almost two-thirds of the way done. Yes! You finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Week 27 of Pregnancy

You are officially in the third trimester and so close that you can taste it! This trimester will see your baby getting ready for birth, as most of the developmental growth is complete. In fact your baby now looks like what he or she may look like at birth. For the most part, all that remains is for the baby to put on fat and grow taller.

Week 28 of Pregnancy

Halleluiah! You are coasting along in the third trimester! This is an important week for both you and the baby. If you found out if you were Rh negative, then you will receive the RhoGAM shot this week. This shot is given to prevent complications to any following babies you carry that might be Rh positive. So, in fact, while your Rh status is not important for your first baby, it becomes material for any subsequent pregnancy.

Week 29 of Pregnancy

If you are too superstitious to buy baby clothes, it’s perfectly understandable. But there is plenty more that you can do to get ready for the baby by making sure that he or she has a safe crib that will grow with your baby’s demand,  like high railings and no choking or smothering hazards. Especially if you are retaining water in your fingers and toes, there is no better way to spend your time than preparing your home and life for the new baby.

Week 30 of Pregnancy

Lamaze classes are a great way to enter your final stretch. Not only will you be introduced formally to what is in store, you will also be presented with visual aids and demonstrations that may drive home the point about the reality of what is to come. With close to ten weeks to the big day, easing into the birthing process can ease the anxiety that you may have about it.

Week 31 of Pregnancy

With your baby’s five senses in play, tasting, tracking light, reacting to sound, looking and feeling around mummy’s insides, are all part of the bay’s day. So whatever you are doing, whether it’s in a movie or a restaurant, your baby is sure to be busy putting on his own bhangra show. Your baby is right there with you, soaking in all the sounds and stimuli he is subjected to – and not a bad thing considering you will both spend the next few years attached at the hip!

Week 32 of Pregnancy

It feels like you’re having a mini IPL game in your belly with the little kicks and jabs in every nook and cranny. You are now in the single digits with how many weeks are left, so hang in there; it won’t be long before you have your bundle of joy is in your arms. From this point on in the pregnancy, you will be seeing the doctor more often, so keep a list of questions about any symptoms that crop up that you may not have been prepared for. Do not be embarrassed about any questions you may have; they may save your life.

Week 33 of Pregnancy

While you are coming up with your list of boy names and girl names, on every late night trip to the bathroom, remember that this can be practice for waking up a few times a night for midnight feeds in the next few months. Your breasts have never been bigger and you feel like you are carrying around two gunny sacks filled with cream, but your body is just getting ready to feed your baby for as long as you choose.

Week 34 of Pregnancy

With only a few weeks to go, the countdown has begun. If the superstitious side of you will not let you buy clothes, at least make sure that you have stocked up on diapers. With any luck, you will still have six weeks to go; bit it never hurts to be prepared. Enjoy the quiet with your husband as that bundle will have you up all odd hours of the day and night for a very long time to come.

Week 35 of Pregnancy

If you are walking around with your phone in hand even to the bathroom, you may be nervous that labor can come anytime now, and you wouldn’t be wrong. You will be considered full-term by the end of next week so if you have your hospital bagspacked; then you will not be considered over-packed! Your due date is sneaking up on you and not a moment too soon since you haven’t slept since week 30!

Week 36 of Pregnancy

You are very close now, as by the end of this week you will be considered full-term. But remember that every extra day that your baby gets to stay inside you makes him more self-reliant, so as much as you feel that you are ready to get him out, keeping him in the oven for as long as possible is the way to go. With only a few more weeks to go, you are ready to embark on the journey of your lifetime. Of course, no matter how prepared you are, there is very little that you can do to predict when the big day will be.

Week 37 of Pregnancy

Consider yourself officially ready for the big day any time now. That’s right, your baby is fully developed and giving birth now will not be considered preterm. With how big your belly is and how uncomfortable each step is, you should be thankful that from this point onwards, that your baby’s time in your oven is almost over, except perhaps for some weight gain. And who can blame you, considering there is not a whole lot you can do with how uncomfortable you are feeling.


Pregnancy Calendar

Pregnancy Calendar

Week 38 of Pregnancy

Consider your uterus outgrown, just in time for your nesting instincts to kick in. You have probably cleaned your home five times over along with packing your hospital bag, more times than you want to count. If both your mother-in-law and mother are camped out in your home expecting the baby to arrive any day now, you were probably ready for the baby to arrive yesterday! It is not uncommon to chalk up every little ache and pain to the possible beginning of your contractions. But be rest assured that when the real thing starts, you will know!

Week 39 of Pregnancy

Just a handful of women deliver on their due date, so chances are that you can go into labor any time now, which is considered perfectly normal. Don’t hold your breath if you’re due date comes and goes by without much ado either. On the same token, be ready to call your hubby in to rush to the hospital with labor pains even 10 minutes from now!

Week 40 of Pregnancy

You made it! Even before reading this fully, you may leave for the hospital ready to meet the love of your life! If your hubby and you have arrived at your final list of names, then you must be wondering what the delay is all about! You are considered full-term and then some! So where is the baby? Consider yourself lucky, that you have gone this far allowing your baby to grow and develop fully in utero without the complications of an early labor and the worries that come along with it.