If you find yourself crying over Johnson and Johnson Baby Oil advertisements on TV, then realize that it is part of the emotional roller coaster that pregnancy will have you on. Your feelings of perpetual nausea may be coming to a close but the happy one second, mad the next and sobbing the third, are just beginning! Just accept it and go with the flow.

What’s happening with you

These ups and downs are quite common during pregnancy, but if you find yourself depressed more often than not, then it must be addressed. Prenatal depression is a serious issue and must be confronted head on before it leads to even more serious issues such as severe postpartum depression. Exercising regularly along with keeping well hydrated is a way to combat depression. But remember that even the greatest precautions cannot keep you from sobbing through Mohammad Rafi’s greatest hits! So make the most of these few months as you will be at your sensitive best.

You may also fear the occasional brain freeze. This is called “mummy brain” and is fortunately only a temporary phase. There may be momentary lapses of memory, but this is nothing to worry about. Towards the end of the pregnancy, you will find yourself returning to normal.

What’s happening with your baby

At the end of this week your baby is no longer referred to as an embryo. From here on out, it is called a fetus. So your baby, no longer has that amphibian-like tail; the tail has completely fused into the spinal column, and your baby has a much more human look than ever before. Very soon, you will feel kicks and pokes on the inside, all helped by clearly discernible fingers and toes.

The baby’s eyelids are no longer transparent. Teeth buds are beginning to form although your baby’s teeth don’t actually come out until at least the sixth month after birth. The ears are becoming more prominent and along with all of this, the baby’s skeleton is continuing to grow and harden. At a rate of over 20,000 new neutrons produced in the brain every minute during week 10, your baby is truly growing by leaps and bounds.

baby size at week 10 of pregnancyIf your baby is a boy, he will start producing testosterone, the male hormone this week. Your baby is also producing large amounts of urine in the kidneys. Thank your lucky stars that you don’t need to worry about changing diapers for another 30 weeks at least! Your baby is now almost 1 1/2 inches long, about the size of a lime and weighs 4 grams.

With your baby and pregnancy seeming more real by the minute, you may want to get your little one’s room ready with newly painted furniture and walls. But remember that any fumes from varnishes and paints are toxic to both you and the baby, so stay away and who knows daddy dearest might actually pitch in!