While your morning sickness may be winding down, this may mark the beginning of headaches for some women. So when you say “not tonight darling, I’m having a headache”, to your husband, you might actually be being truthful to your husband!

What’s happening with you

headaches during pregnancyWhile headaches are annoying whether you are pregnant or not, at least at other times you will have an arsenal of medication at your disposal to choose from. When you are pregnant, you are reduced to one or two kinds of pain relievers at the most. And if you are lucky, they are the kind that works for you. Acetaminophen is generally considered safe during pregnancy, so avoid anything else unless prescribed by your doctor.

Here again, regular exercise has been shown to help with headaches along with a well-balanced diet. If all else fails, try cold compresses or heat pads for immediate relief. If you however have a tendency for migraine headaches, then consult with your doctor for stronger medication. Avoid bright lights and retire to a dark room until your symptoms subside. Importantly remember that this is also temporary and does get better as the pregnancy progresses.

You may also notice a dark line of pigmentation along your abdomen. This is called the linea nigra and is a perfectly normal observation of increased melanin production during pregnancy. This line will fade after the pregnancy along with any other skin darkening that you may observe at this time.

If you notice that your head is fuller than before, then you are not alone; many women notice that their hair and nails grow at a much faster rate during pregnancy, a very pleasant bonus!

What’s happening with your baby

Your baby’s vital organs are fully formed and even functioning now. What this means is that there is less and less outside influence that can impact its development as the days go by.

Did you know that your little tyke’s fingernail and toenail beds are also taking form as we speak? Your baby’s head is almost as large as the body. And with your baby at nearly 7 grams, you may think that you might be ready to feel movement, but that is still very unlikely at this stage.

Your baby is actually swallowing on its own now. If your baby’s heartbeat was not picked up by the Doppler at your doctor’s first visit, the heartbeat can be clearly picked up now. The baby’s genitalia are developing and within a few weeks it will become apparent in an ultrasound. Your baby is now about the size of a cube of Amul cheese.

Just as a word of caution

While it has not been directly proven that hair dyes and hair straightening products are detrimental to the mother or baby, it is advisable to avoid these products until after the baby is born. This is a good time to explore natural hair colorants even if the efficacy does not last as long as a chemical-heavy hair dye.