Without a doubt you have reached a milestone! With your chances of miscarriage really low, you can now scream that you are pregnant from the rooftops. You can rest easy now, knowing that you are past a significant point in this journey. So if you have managed to keep your pregnancy a secret until now, it is a safe time to spill the beans. If your colleague told you that you packed on a few kilos recently, you can go ahead and say, “Eat your heart out lady, ‘cause I’m pregnant!”.

What’s happening with you

With your expanding waistline and enlarging uterus, you might find an increasing urge to urinate. As your uterus applies more pressure on your bladder, you may find yourself waking up a few times a night to relieve your discomfort. But considering that your morning sickness is on its last legs, you may not mind as much! Gone will be the days when you couldn’t brush your teeth without being afraid of losing your dinner!

week 12 of pregnancyYou may also notice that your skin is more radiant than ever. In fact, most mornings you may think that you just stepped out of a Shehnaz facial! With your increased blood volume and pregnancy hormones, glowing skin along with an almost Botoxed like plump appearance to your skin are common.

On the other hand, there are others that experience never-before-seen acne during this stage in the pregnancy! So where do you fall? Either way, its normal.

What’s happening with your baby

There will be a marked increase in the amount of amniotic fluid as your baby begins to produce and excrete urine into the amniotic fluid. Your baby’s pancreas will start producing insulin and the liver will begin secreting bile, even as early as 12 weeks! With your babies brain structure more or less well-informed, the brain tissue continues to expand in size. Even hormones are beginning to be secreted by the pituitary gland at this stage.

Tiny colorless hair called lanugo will start appearing all over the body as a form of protection before birth. This hair will slough off gradually after birth. Your baby’s intestines are starting to be fully formed; half in and half outside their body! Even at this stage, the muscles in the intestines will begin contracting as a way of preparing for the digestive and excretion processes. Coming in at almost 15 grams and just over 3 inches, your baby is about the size of a small bhindi!

As your lower abdomen is changing to accommodate your growing needs, be mindful of what contributes to your weight gain besides the baby. While an extra serving of ice cream here and there are okay, eating pakoras and fries daily are not. The extra pound or two may not be an issue now, but after your baby’s birth, excessive weight gain during pregnancy can be hard to get rid of.