Yippee! It’s the last week of the first trimester. And this officially marks what should be the end of morning sickness. Imagine being able to brush your teeth or walk past a restaurant without gagging! You might actually be able to go out and celebrate your pregnancy. In fact, you may even want to take a short vacation before you stop fitting into any of your clothes.  Of course, there are a few women who do continue to experience nausea for a few more weeks.

What’s happening with you

If you have spent the last 10 week doubled over the sink throwing up every last bit of breakfast, then you deserve this new found energy and vigor which the second trimester presents.  Your body has probably never looked better with your glowing skin, voluptuous curves and head full of hair.  The increased estrogen and progesterone circulating through your body have put your reproductive system on overdrive as you create the ideal environment for your baby to thrive in.

You are probably just starting to show now, so if you are still waiting to tell people about the pregnancy, you’d better hurry before they guess for themselves. If you are not showing yet, don’t lose sleep over it because these changes start showing for women at different times as no two women are alike.

If on the other hand you have begun to show, you may notice your first stretch mark even as early as the beginning of the second trimester. They may appear across your hips, thighs and abdomen as you progress.

Leukorrhea or a milky discharge from your vagina should not alarm you as this will only continue to increase as the pregnancy continues.

What’s happening with your baby

baby sucking thumb at week 13 of pregnancyThis landmark week will see your baby begin to suck his thumb by forming a fist. If your ultrasound is planned at this time, you may even catch a tiny glimpse of this super cute image! This week will also mark the appearance of your baby’s ribs. And if you were wondering when the baby’s intestines would fully make their way into the body, it is now. All the loops and turns of the intestines are securely wrapped inside the baby’s body.

Your baby’s larynx and vocal cords are fully developed now, although you won’t hear the baby belting out any tunes! The baby’s teeth sockets are fully in place and will not be occupied until at least six months after birth. The baby’s eyelids fuse as a form of protection for the eyes. The lymphatic system is starting to mature now with the baby being able to produce blood cells on its own.Weighing in at 20 grams and 3 1/2 inches long, about the size of a cell phone, your baby is developing fingerprints; that’s right fingerprints!

This may be a good time to borrow your husband’s pajamas and T-shirts to wear around the house. This might have to tide you over until you are ready to invest in traditional maternity wear in a few more weeks. Very soon you might find that your jewelry is the only thing you fit into; so don’t be shy about that baby bump and show it off!