Welcome to an important landmark off your pregnancy – the fifth month. With all the excitement that you’re feeling in your belly, you are probably anxious as to how your baby is coming along. This period is called quickening and you may experience it even earlier if this is not your first pregnancy. It is just that you know what to look for when it comes to fetal movement if you have been through it before.

What’s happening with you

week 19 of pregnancyIf you find yourself getting dizzy, then know that this is a common symptom in the second trimester, although most Bollywood movies will have you keeling over during the fourth week of pregnancy!

Quite simply, this is caused by blood draining rapidly from the brain as you stand up. So from here on, make a concerted effort to stand up slowly. Another possible reason is your uterus applying pressure on important blood vessels, decreasing your blood pressure and therefore causing dizziness. This symptom can be greatly helped by sleeping on your left side as far as possible.

You may also find that your blood sugar fluctuates during this trimester. Eating small but frequent meals is preferred over large meals separated by long durations. Especially important is not skipping meals, as this can easily lead to hypoglycemia. Besides just blood sugar instability, heartburn is very likely when meals are consumed at irregular intervals. So if your chest feels like it’s on fire either before or after a meal, then reconsider what and when you eat. Keeping your head elevated after a meal can alleviate heartburn.

What’s happening with your baby

This week, your baby is really packing on the pounds with accumulating brown fat” under the skin. Along with this, your baby is developing a white coating all over the skin called vernix. This vernix is secreted by the glands in the skin. Think of this as a way of protecting your baby’s skin from the effects of soaking in amniotic fluid for months on end. Under this vernix is a layer of lanugo, which is light downy layer also for protection.

With your baby’s kidneys fully functional this week, and the urine being directly emptied into the amniotic fluid, your amniotic fluid is soon becoming quite the collection of waste! With your baby measuring 5 1/2 inches long and at 6 ounces, your baby is the size of a bakery bun.

If blood sugar fluctuations are an issue even with precautions, then consult your doctor as you may have early signs of gestational diabetes which must be addressed.