With only 19 more weeks to go, you might find that your raging pregnancy hormones are having quite an effect on your libido. While your husband has never been happier than now, you may be surprised at how you are acting. Your grandmother might tell you that sex during pregnancy is dangerous but that is just a myth.

Unless you have specifically been instructed by your physician not to, then this is the safest sex that you will ever have! Your growing belly may make certain positions uncomfortable, so get creative and have fun doing it.

What’s happening with you

week 21 of pregnancyIf you find yourself developing backaches, it’s all about your posture. Never before has it been more important to be aware of your posture and avoid hunching over even when relaxing. If your back is not supported, then be sure that you are sitting up erect as you will pay for it all night if you’re not. Supporting your heavy belly especially when you are asleep, becomes all the more important now.

Breathlessness is a common symptom from this point of the pregnancy onwards. As long as it does not affect your overall health per se, there is nothing to be concerned about. With your growing uterus applying all that pressure on your lungs, it is understandable how the lungs are unable to expand as efficiently.

As the pregnancy progresses, this symptom will worsen and in no way reflects that you are out of shape. Your weight gain may be up to 7 or 8 kilos so far, and from here on out expect to put on approximately half a kilo a week for the rest of the pregnancy.

What’s happening with your baby

With your babies facial features being fully formed, your baby looks very close to how he or she will look when born. Thumb-sucking and yawning are becoming common practices as your baby slowly prepares for its new environment outside your uterus. Your baby has even begun growing hair on its tiny head.

Up until now, blood cells were created by the liver and spleen; from this point onwards fetal bone marrow will take over this important function. This is an important milestone in your baby’s self-sustenance. Along with this important development is another survival skill that your child is honing, namely eating. While it does not sound very pleasant, your child is practicing eating/swallowing amniotic fluid in preparation for the real world. With the intestines fully developed, your baby is constantly absorbing sugars from the amniotic fluid. With an average weight of between 10 and 11 ounces and measuring in at just less than 7 inches, your baby is about the size of a television remote.

With your baby growing at this rapid rate, keeping mealtimes at regular intervals along with folic acid enriched vitamins are a must. Considering how frisky you have been in bed, you are going to need it more than the baby will!