With more than half your journey over, you may begin to experience more than flutters. You will not be confusing your sensations with gas bubbles or the like anymore. Movements will become very discernable as you may be able to tell each body part apart. What you have to look forward to is seeing discrete finger and toes, and you can high-five right back!

What’s happening with you

week 22 of pregnancyDon’t get carried away just because you can eat 300 extra calories when pregnant. As the pregnancy progresses, you may find yourself craving for not-so-healthy soan papdi but not for the healthy fruit salad. You can indulge your sweet-tooth a little, but keep in mind that your baby’s nutritional needs are increasing exponentially, so keep it natural and keep it wholesome.

This week may also introduce some women to what labor contractions feel like. Yikes, already? No, it’s not the real thing but it is meant for your body to be able to practice what’s in store before and during labor. These are referred to as Braxton-Hicks contractions and get progressively stronger over the next few months. These may be disconcerting when they first begin but unless the contractions occur more than four times an hour, it is a perfectly normal symptom of mid to late pregnancy.

What’s happening with your baby

Your baby’s hair is now a soft even layer on the scalp. However there is no hair pigment at this time, so it is devoid of any color and appears grayish-white. The baby’s hands are large enough to grab a hold of the umbilical cord and are even capable of feeling touch with the baby’s newly developed sense of touch. An ultrasound may even catch the baby trying to grab different parts of the face.

Along with this new sense of touch is a developing sense of taste. So potentially, your baby can taste anything you eat by taking a gulp of amniotic fluid! So go easy on the achaar mummy, because I have taste buds now! Your baby’s eyes are fully developed, but the iris itself has no pigment at this stage leaving you guessing how dark or light your baby’s eyes will be.

The pancreas which is essential for insulin production continues to develop in preparation for digestion after birth. The baby now weighs close to half a kilo and measures a whopping 11 inches from head to toe, about the size of a large banana. Why head to toe you ask? You baby was always measured from the head to the bottom, but now with the baby being able to stretch out, a more realistic measurement is possible.

With the new practice contractions surfacing every now and then, periods of discomfort may creep in. The best defense is good eating and sleeping habits along with awareness of what symptoms to expect and which ones must be discussed with your doctor.