If the reality of being pregnant hasn’t hit you yet, taking 15 bathroom breaks during the day will send the message loud and clear. With all that pressure applied on your pelvic area, it’s no wonder that you feel like you spend more than half the day in the bathroom! For now, it only gets worse before it gets better, so hang in there. It is nice to get all the attention you are and it not often that you get someone giving up their seat for you on the train during rush hour! So enjoy the limelight as it will not last forever.

What’s happening with you

With all the extra weight you are carrying around, it is no wonder that your back feels like you have been hunched over working in the paddy fields all day. Considering that your back and shoulders are bearing the brunt of supporting all that weight, it really is no surprise that you experience back and shoulder pain from time to time.

Try a heating pad or ice pack on the back for some relief. Remember that you cannot consume any pain medications that are not okayed by your doctor.  Massage is an excellent option if you can get your husband to pitch in. Even if it doesn’t help the pain, it can be very relaxing. If on the other hand, you find yourself wincing at his touch, address this with your doctor as you might have sciatica.

What’s happening with your baby

week 23 of pregnancyYour baby’s skin is becoming less see-through as the weeks go by. The baby’s skin is developing pigmentation and fat is being reinforced under the layers of the skin.  This week will see your baby start to develop the skin tone that he or she would have after birth.

Over the next one month your baby will actually double its weight! That’s right; your baby will go from 1 pound to at least 2 pounds (about 450 – 900 gms) in the coming four weeks. This week will also see your baby stretching and flexing like never before, so don’t be surprised if you get a glimpse of his or her knuckles through your belly. The baby is not ready for breathing air as it would have to on the outside; so most of the baby’s time is spent sucking amniotic fluid in and out of her lungs like a fish.

Although your baby is close to 11 1/2 inches long and just over a pound, the head is still somewhat disproportionate to the size of the body. But the body will play catch-up in the next coming weeks as your baby starts to look more normal sized.

Investing in a body pillow, might alleviate a lot of your sleep comfort through the rest of the pregnancy. Wedging the pillow between your legs and under your resting belly will give you all the support you need without applying undue pressure on your uterus.