If you cannot see your toes by now, then everything is probably going well! It’s also quite normal to be expressing your new-mom concerns to anyone who will listen. But be prepared for unsolicited advice from everyone including your doodhwaali. But the more you talk about it, the easier it is to assume this new role in your life.

What’s happening with you

week 24 of pregnancyIf you see hair in some unwanted places creep up like your chin and upper lip and maybe even your belly, do not be alarmed. Your raging hormones can tend to send some messages that you are not quite prepared for. While all of that new hair on your head is great, especially when you look like you stepped out of a Sunsilk commercial, you should not have to borrow your husband’s razor!

This random hair growth is a byproduct of all these extra hormones circulating within your body and your body’s interpretation of their function. But while depilatories are not recommended, waxing, shaving and even electrolysis are all perfectly safe measures to take from looking like Bigfoot. Then again you can always enjoy the hirsutism for laughs as all being part of the process!

What’s happening with your baby

This week alone your baby is expected to gain half a pound. The uterus is getting somewhat crowded as your baby puts on poundage with every passing day. The baby’s lungs take on the important function of producing a surfactant that will prevent the baby’s lungs from collapsing within itself when the baby first cries out.

Along with this, the baby’s lungs are developing blood vessels and air sacs in preparation of breathing independently from the mother. The inner ear is developing, which will function as your baby’s balance provider, in that your baby will be able to tell whether he or she is upside down or laterally placed while in your amniotic sac.

This is also an interesting week for your baby as it explores its surroundings by flexing its arms and fingers to feel its enclosure. Did you know that loud noises can startle the baby even as early as this? A loud noise on TV can make your baby react by jabbing you in the lower ribs! So if your husband is watching an IPL test match, make sure you avoid that room! But if you decide to join in, be prepared for your child to acknowledge Tendulkar’s every sixer!

Weighing in at 1 1/4 pound (about 560 gms), your baby is about the size of a tube of toothpaste. As you feel your baby more and more with each passing day, enjoy the experience as he or she reacts to your world around you.