With the umbilical cord being resilient to kinks and twisting, it acts as an excellent conduit for exchange of nutrients and blood between you and your baby. You may also be feeling somewhat swollen now, with every part of your body starting to feel pregnant. So if you’re fingers are starting to look like tindoras, know that a good number of pregnant women experience this symptom. In fact you may even have trouble fitting into your old shoes.

What’s happening with you

week 25 of pregnancyPregnancy cramps that originate in the leg can be quite painful and even alarming the first time you experience them. This is usually nothing to worry about as it mostly signifies a calcium deficiency. Calcium can be easily supplemented with pills or upping your milk consumption (even rasmalaai will work!). If you like your calcium in your meals, fish and most green vegetables are excellent sources. If your legs cramps persist, then soaking your feet in warm water along with a massage will relax you enough to get you through.

This week will also mark an important test, namely the glucose tolerance test. This test will check for gestational diabetes as women with this condition produce large babies that can make labor very challenging. The test is fairly simple as it involves drinking a sugary syrup, and measuring glucose levels at regular intervals after that. If the readings are not within an acceptable range, you may have to meet with a dietitian who will come up with a healthy eating plan. This is an important test and the results must be taken seriously.

What’s happening with your baby

If you are lucky enough to have an ultrasound this week, you may even catch your baby making a fist! Along with this you will notice that your baby has a marked improvement in dexterity as he or she manipulates the environment around with more ease. Grabbing of the umbilical cord, doing somersaults within the amniotic sac and some sparring with the uterine wall are fairly common observations!

Your baby will spend most of the time awake in your uterus while feeling up mummy’s insides. The baby is perfectly capable of feeling your sense of touch from this point on; although it might be quite annoying for the baby to feel dad poking at him through mom’s tummy.

This week will also see your baby’s spinal structure begin to form – an important milestone.

With the baby at 1 1/2 pounds (about 680 gms) and anywhere between 8and 10 inches, your baby is a certifiable acrobat at the stage and is about the length of a flute. With your second trimester coming to a close, consider the countdown beginning. Hooray!